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   Chapter 2135 Devouring The Soul

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The mouse proved to be so extraordinarily powerful, so how could Master Evil even resist?

All he did was to watch as the mouse pounced towards him, stabbing into his stomach.

The mouse was very intelligent as it seemed to understand that Master Evil had no power to resist. Thus it became even more unscrupulous. For some reason, it drilled half of its body into the body of Master Evil, greedily sucking the life vitality from Master Evil's inner world. From the outside, one could notice a slender tail hanging from his chest, emitting a small bright yellow light.

Master Evil and Yorick both gave similar reactions, both with widened eyes and mouths left hanging. He trembled in horror at the sight.

Not long after, with a splash of blood, a black Godly Tile was bitten out by the mouse. A loud sound wailed out as it was thrown to the ground.

Since Master Evil had sealed the inner world with the Godly Tile, this prevented the mouse from devouring the creatures found in the inner world. Because of this, the mouse stripped the Godly Tile directly from Master Evil's inner world.

Once the Godly Tile was removed, it extended its head into the body of Master Evil and began to frantically devour the creatures around.

Zen never would have thought that the "treasure" Master Evil tried to hide would turn out to be such a small, yet vicious beast.

After this mouse emptied out Master Evil's inner world, the one next to suffer would probably be Zen. Although Zen had a sturdy body and the Redemption Armor to protect him, he was afraid he wouldn't be able to resist this eccentric mouse's attacks.

After making his way out of the sand, he glanced over at Master Evil with pity in his eyes. Master Evil's eyes were closed shut, and his physical body was totally damaged.

Zen was not a relative nor friend of Master Evil. However, seeing him go through such a miserable death made Zen feel sorry for him. It was so tragic.

Notably, Master Evil was a True God of the divine land who had sworn an inner demon oath before. If he could give Zen some help or advice, Zen would be able to deal with everything easily in the divine land, avoiding great trouble.

The mouse's exposed tail was still wiggling around. While it continued devouring Master Evil's cinnabar field, Zen carefully walked towards the other side of the ca

his cage, but it became more and more difficult for his soul to move. There seemed to be an invisible force suppressing his soul while at the same time, quickly going through his memories.

"You... you are actually the son of Mike?"

After Yorick read a portion of Zen's memories, his soul was slightly stunned before a look of bliss spread across his face. If Zen was really the son of Mike, then he would obtain all of Mike's wondrous inheritance. If Zen had controlled the secrets of the Holy Being, then that would be the greatest treasure of all.

If he knew earlier of Zen's identity, he would have gone through this entire process even before the mouse hatched.

However, just as Yorick was devouring Zen's soul, Master Evil's soul soared out of his mind and entered Zen's, too.

"Yorick! I will not let you off!"

Master Evil had just returned to the divine land but was harmed by Yorick to such an extent. In addition, his cinnabar field and physical body had also been destroyed by the Stone Mouse. Now that his soul managed to escape his lifeless body, he was going to seek revenge on Yorick at all costs.

The soul of Master Evil was naturally powerful. As soon as it entered Zen's mind, it went straight for Yorick's soul. Without any hesitation, the two souls fiercely collided with each other with a strong, forceful impact of energy.

It was also because of Master Evil's attack that Yorick was forced to stop consuming Zen's soul. Immediately, Zen felt a sense of relief and seized this opportunity to break free from Yorick's claws.

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