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   Chapter 2134 The Mouse

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That last attack had Master Evil panting for his last gasp.

The energy from that palm blade that struck him was still wreaking havoc in his body, half of which was now paralyzed.

Yorick, on the other hand, had a faint smile on his face as he walked towards Master Evil. "As a True God, you should know when to give up. I never got the chance to obtain that thing in the past. Do you know why I let you obtain it?"

Master Evil merely lay there at the crevice and stared up at Yorick, refusing to answer.

"Because I knew that it would provoke Bromley. I'm not stupid. I knew that taking something from a Holy Being was like courting my own death," Yorick continued. "That's why I gave up and that's how it ended up in your hands. In the end, you were just one of my many scapegoats. Seven divine eras is indeed a long time but our lifespans are limitless. Time is basically nonexistent. Ha-ha-ha-ha..."

His maniacal laugh echoed in the entire cave, causing a disturbance in the stone. When Zen heard it, he immediately felt a sharp pain in his ears that made him dizzy.

Despite his speech, Master Evil remained silent in front of Yorick. This made the latter feel quite bored. With a light sigh, he turned his right hand into a palm blade and once again swung towards Master Evil.

Realizing that he was about to be dealt by the killing blow, Master Evil wasn't willing to just sit and wait for Yorick's attack. He also raised the devil claw on his left hand and sent it towards his opponent.

Unfortunately, just one flip of Yorick's hand was enough to shatter Master Evil's devil claw. There was the sick sound of shattering bones as Master Evil's left hand was crushed under Yorick's force.

Master Evil felt a surge of grief in his heart and his hand fell limply to his side. He found himself no longer able to resist what was coming.

He had spent everything getting that one thing: from shaking the entire Vast Sky Region to almost losing his life at one point. When he did manage to get it, he was inevitably caught by Bromley. Fortunately, Bromley was one of the most merciful Holy Beings in existence which meant Master Evil's life was spared but he would spend it imprisoned in the dungeon of the fairy palace.

Seven divine eras - that was how long he spent in the darkness of his cel

from the inside. He pointed at his chest and continuously shot out a series of attacks.

Puff! Puff! Puff! Puff!

Numerous bloody holes appeared on his chest; even his heart wasn't spared and blood continuously gushed forth from his body.

However, the mouse remained nimble and was now quickly drilling its way to his lower abdomen.

Immediately afterward, Yorick felt a numbing sensation in his cinnabar field. He fell to the ground with a plop as his body convulsed involuntarily.

All of these events happened in a span of ten seconds. Both Zen and Master Evil couldn't help but gasp in shock as they watched such a gruesome scene.

What kind of mouse was that? How could it be so powerful?

Not long after, Zen noticed a small bulge appear on Yorick's lower abdomen before bursting out in a spray of fresh blood. The mouse had drilled itself out of Yorick's body through his stomach. With a sassy flick of its head, it spat out a jade-green thing from its mouth and onto the ground.

It seemed to be an octagonal gemstone that flickered with a faint green light and emitted a unique 'momentum.' It was Yorick's Godly Tile!

This Godly Tile was incomparably sturdy and impossible to destroy. The mouse would be unable to swallow it but it still managed to tear it out from Yorick's inner world.

After spitting out the Godly Tile, the mouse then looked up at Zen and sized him up with its bean-sized eyes.

Realizing that he was only a world lord, the mouse let out two squeaks and leaped towards Master Evil instead.

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