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   Chapter 2133 Crack On The Ball

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Zen kept on falling down, colliding with random things in his way.

The things found in the divine land were a thousand times bigger than those in the universe. So if a mountain collapsed, the impact would without a doubt send a Spirit Transformation Realm warrior or even a Spirit Supreme Realm warrior to death.

Zen's physical body was considered quite strong, so he didn't get injured when he fell. The damage to him was that he became involved in the conflict between Master Evil and Yorick.

"Boom, boom, boom..."

It turned out that there was a huge cave tucked under the Black Wind Ridge. Apparently, Master Evil set this place up as his lair because of its remoteness and covertness.

He used the Sealing Machine in the past to completely seal the cave. Historically, only Yorick had attempted to sneak into this cave to open the Sealing Machine and take the treasure. However, Master Evil's Sealing Machine was designed so ingeniously that it remained almost impossible for anyone to take the treasure out the Sealing Machine without destroying it. Because of this, Yorick waited for seven divine eras in the Vast Sky Region, and Master Evil finally came back.

However, the villagers of the Misty Mountain Village were completely unaware of this. Their ancestors came to the Black Wind Ridge in the hopes to reclaim the land. They wanted to turn Black Wind Ridge into a small village, where the members of the Misty Mountain Village would reside for generations.

The thing was because Yorick and Master Evil were at war in that place, the mountain collapsed.

Just like Zen, Yorick and Master Evil proved to be unable to fly in the divine land too. At this moment, they started falling into the cave with Zen beside them.

Notably, the two of them were both mid-rank True Gods, so they were much stronger than Zen. Amidst a pile of rubble and ashes, Master Evil and Yorick continued to battle one another.

After a long while, Zen finally dropped down to the bottom of the cave and was buried under the sand. The sand and stones found in the divine land were always extremely heavy. Though there seemed to be only a few stones above him, he felt as if tens of thousands of mountains were pressing down on him, inhibiting him from moving.

He mimicked an earthworm to wriggle himself out.

When Zen was finally able to stick his head out, he spat out all the sand and dirt from his mouth with a loud "Bleh". Then, he took advantage of the faint light that shot

and to deal with the enemy all the time, but in the end, he didn't dare to face Master Evil head on. When his face was finally formed, he charged forward. He dodged Master Evil's devil claws with a palm blade, and chopped horizontally forward.


"Crack, crack, crack..."

Following a muffled sound, the devil claw on Master Evil's right hand suddenly fell to the ground. His bones were shattered and easily seen as Yorick seemed to have chopped it off.

"I have told you countless times," exclaimed Yorick. "If you want to die, don't blame me for killing you." An evil grin plastered across his face as he sent out another palm strike.

"Crack, crack, crack..."

The second palm blade landed on the shoulder of Master Evil. Half the bones in his body were crushed within him as he crashed into a rock on the side of the cave. This created a hole in the rock as his body fell through it, tens of feet deep.

This was surprising, because the toughness of the rocks in the divine land was similar to that of the Dark Star.

If Zen did not use the strength source, he knew it would take some effort to break these rocks apart.

It was odd. It seemed as if the rocks became weakened during the battle between Yorick and Master Evil. How could he have slammed into the rock so deeply?


Just then, an extremely faint cracking sound rang from within the ball. Yorick and Master Evil had been in the middle of their battle, so they failed to even notice.

From a distance, Zen was able to see everything clearly. A small crack developed down the ball, as if the treasure within was trying to break out of it. What could it be?

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