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   Chapter 2132 Falling

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The Sealing Machine was set up by Master Evil and it was quite ingenious, to say the least.

Once the Sealing Machine itself was sealed, it only gave one chance to be opened. If someone attempted to open it using the wrong order, the entire Sealing Machine would self-destruct, including everything inside it.

At the time, Master Evil had sealed an extremely important treasure, one that he had obtained himself and buried it beneath the Black Wind Ridge. Even if someone was determined enough to try stealing it from its spot, they wouldn't obtain anything anyway.

After the seven divine eras had passed, the first thing Master Evil did after he returned was retrieve his treasure. Clearly, through his actions, one could tell that this treasure was extremely important to him.

What Master Evil hadn't expected though, was that someone would be waiting for him in the Vast Sky Region. Even more so, that same person had waited for a full seven divine eras.

And yet, Zen had been staying in Misty Mountain Village the entire time. Never had he noticed the presence, let alone the existence of such a character.

To have the capacity of hiding within Misty Mountain Village and completely avoiding Zen's sharp spiritual sense could only mean that this person was strong. Perhaps even stronger than Master Evil. And what was to say of his courage, showing up here at such a time?

With a squeak, a house door amidst the Misty Mountain Village creaked slowly open. A figure walked out. He was thin and handsome and carried a feather fan in his hand. As he walked, he spoke and smiled arrogantly. "To be honest, I never actually expected you to come back, you evil old dog. This Sealing Machine is so ingenious - I've studied it myself for so many years. I even asked someone to seal it with the Timing Godly Way so that I could take out its content after triggering it. Unfortunately, I just didn't dare take the risk, for fear of destroying the Sealing Machine. My only option was to sit and wait, possibly forever. And now, the day has finally come!"

Master Evil's face was covered in a coldness. He stared at the person with his bean-sized eyes as words came out of his mouth, "Yorick Yin! Humph! You really are fucking patient!"

Seeing Master Evil's expression, the smile on Yorick's face quickly began to spread. His eyes twinkled and he said, "Of course! For something of such importance, trust me, I could've afforded to waste even more time. What's a mere seven divine eras? Make me wait for seventy! Then we'll talk patience."

As Yorick spoke, his eyes indifferently glanced behind Master Evil on several occasions. "But I'm curious, this little fellow named Thad standing behind you, where does he come from?" he asked. "Among proving godly warriors, Thad can be

now have the opportunity for revenge, but he also had a sense of pride in the idea that he was going to obtain that important object.

At that moment, Zen was at a loss. He had encountered Master Evil in the divine land and wanted to help him. But who knew that Master Evil would run into a powerful enemy right after he had returned to Vast Sky Region? Zen hadn't seen it coming.

In a battle of this level, even watching the fight was a great risk for Zen, much less going forward to help. Right now, the wisest decision for him was to leave. His strength was nowhere near being up to par.

"Humph! You evil old dog! Back when you stole my good fortune, you never expected this day to come, did you?"

Yorick suddenly turned around with mighty speed, once again dodging Master Evil's grab with ease. He waved the feather fan and slammed it down heavily on Master Evil's body.


Master Evil's frail body suddenly smashed into the whole of Misty Mountain Village. The ridge, originally a maze of cracks, ultimately collapsed with a loud crash. The hill that Misty Mountain Village was on was now a hollow ditch.

After the small hill collapsed, the houses and pavilions that had been built there rapidly sank into the hill and fell into a huge, dark cave. Zen also involuntarily fell into the cave.

As Zen fell into the depths, an overwhelming feeling of depression washed over him. 'It's truly inconvenient for a person in the divine land to be unable to fly, ' he thought to himself.

As for the warriors of Sun Moon Village, those that were standing outside guarding Misty Mountain Village, they were all dumbstruck as well. How could they dare step foot into Misty Mountain Village after Master Evil told them not to go inside? Thus, they stayed where they were and remained ignorant to what went on within Misty Mountain Village.

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