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   Chapter 2131 The Sealing Machine

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Master Evil had never thought that he would meet Zen in the Misty Mountain Village! A displeased expression came across Master Evil's face.

The Swirl Forest was not far from their location, but it was still three regions away. Master Evil thought that he probably had some bad karma to coincidentally run into Zen in this small mountain village in the northern part of the Vast Sky Region. He could not tell how he felt, and could only accept that he and Zen were fated to meet.

Other than Bromley and a few other Holy Beings, Zen was probably the last person Master Evil wanted to see.

To leave the dungeon, Master Evil had accepted an extremely unfair inner demon oath to Zen that he would do precisely as Zen asked. If he disobeyed Zen, he would be attacked by the oath! A heavy gulp was made by Master Evil as he remembered the oath.

After he had managed to leave the dungeon, Master Evil naturally wished to achieve more in the Godly Way. With an insatiable thirst for power, he wanted to cultivate more to improve his strength. He was already at the peak of the mid-rank True God which meant that as long as he took one more step, he would be able to become a top-rank True God. At that time, his strength and position would be on a whole new level. Even if the Holy Beings wanted to make a move against him, they would be wary of him.

With a strong desire to keep his life, Master Evil definitely wouldn't violate his inner demon oath. As soon as he heard what Zen said from behind, Master Evil's body instantly stiffened. He then slowly turned his head, and chuckled, "I did, of course I recognized you."

"Good," Zen uttered and nodded his head. With an indifferent face, Zen casually said, "Since you still remember me, you can stay here today. I have something that I need your help with."

The leader of the Sun Moon Village and his subordinates, who stood beside Master Evil, were instantly dumbfounded. A curious expression painted their faces as they witnessed how obedient Master Evil's reaction was. Master Evil had a high reputation in their hearts.

Who was the proving godly warrior from the Misty Mountain Village? How dare he speak to Master Evil in such a manner!

To their surprise, Master Evil did not get angry nor annoyed. Instead, he gave a pleasant laugh, which made it even harder for them to think straight. He was just belittled by the proving godly warrior. How could he be so calm?

"It's okay if you need my help, but I've only just returned to the Vast Sky Region. There is a thing that I want to take away, and it just so happen to be buried under the Misty Mountain Village. Can you ask these villagers to retreat first?" Master Evil stated with a calm tone. His gentle face didn't reflect his true emotions. In his eyes, the divine citizens were as humble as ants. However, since Zen was here, he had to get his permission first.

When the villagers of the Misty Mountain Village saw that Master Evil had personally come, they were naturally frightened. Cold sweat trickled down their spines as they witnessed his arrival. To them, Master Evil was a legendary evil god. In the Vast Sky Region, if a child behaved badly, some adults would use his existence to scare the child. They would often say, "If you don't behave well, Master Evil would come and captur

e achievement of such a goal was easily within his grasp. With his abilities, Zen could even be a consummate True God in the future.

However, not everyone dared to fight against those Holy Beings! A battle with such powerful creatures could only be a hellish nightmare.

Since Master Evil was reluctant to join him, Zen did not force the matter anymore. All Zen needed Master Evil to do was to help him settle down in the divine land.

After they had entered the center of the Misty Mountain Village, Master Evil became restless. He stretched out his hand and slapped the ground left and right. As he searched for a certain object, his head almost touched the ground.

Some time had passed for their search. Finally, Master Evil confirmed a spot. Then, he walked a few steps to the side and suddenly slapped the ground with his hand.

Immediately, a massive divine texture appeared in his hand! An intense expression was revealed in Master Evil's face as he saw the divine texture.

Without any delay, the divine texture turned into a giant arrow, and then the arrow slowly crawled on the ground.

"Click! Click!"

At that moment, a muffled sound came from underneath the Misty Mountain Village. Metals and heavy stones were heard to collide with one another. It seemed that a huge mechanism had been opened deep underground.

An expression of euphoria appeared on Master Evil's face. Expectant eyes and a cheerful smile revealed his happiness about the discovery. The Sealing Machine that he set before was still effective. It only meant that in the years that he had been gone, no one had been able to get their hands on the thing that he had hidden underneath.

However, when he opened the Sealing Machine, a powerful aura suddenly erupted from one of the buildings in the Misty Mountain Village. Both Zen and Master Evil immediately raised their guards. At the same time, a burst of arrogant laughter resounded, "Ha-ha, Master Evil, you're finally back! I've been waiting for you for seven divine eras!"

As soon as Master Evil heard the voice, his face immediately changed. The previous joyful expression he displayed had suddenly disappeared!

Zen's eyebrows creased with curiosity.

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