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   Chapter 2130 Meet Zen Again

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After Master Evil left the Swirl Forest, he noticed a large group of vicious beasts. The beasts frantically rushed towards the fairy palace.

Although he and Wayne were powerful, if they really were to be surrounded by that group of ferocious beasts, then the odds were against them. Such dangerous beasts would give them a hard time and probably even severe injuries…

The strange thing was that the vicious beasts only glanced at the two of them for a brief moment and then ignored them. It seemed like that the beasts considered them unimportant.

After the beasts had left, Master Evil and Wayne then quietly left the Swirl Forest. As they finally safely escaped the forest, they both went their separate ways.

Master Evil had been imprisoned for many divine eras…

For a True God, seven or eight divine eras wouldn't have too great of a change. Nothing more than two or three new Holy Beings would appear in that period. Additionally, there would only be little changes in the rankings of the Floating Islands on the Time Sea.

However, for the divine citizens, the change was quite significant. The point-of-views of a True God and divine citizens were extremely different.

When Master Evil returned to the Vast Sky Region, he discovered that the thirty-six islands and seventy-two villages that he had founded had long since been destroyed. All of his creations were already in ruins. The vast majority of them had already disappeared as time passed by.

He had expected it. However, when he found out that there were three villages left among the seventy-two villages, he felt delighted. After all, those were the inheritance that he had left behind. Additionally, after all those years, there were still many warriors who continuously struggled just to survive.

It was true that Master Evil had committed many evil deeds. However, he still treasured old friendships. Even though the talent and strength of the warriors that remained were like jokes in the eyes of Master Evil, he still treated them well. He was even prepared to take out some of the things he had hidden in the Vast Sky Region before he slowly regained his power!

However, there were some things about Master Evil that could not come to light. For example, the thing buried under Misty Mountain Village. He had just returned to the Vast Sky Region, and was just about to regain his ground, so he had to do everything with extreme caution.

Furthermore, the weakness of the people in the Sun Moon Village was beyond his imagination. Their talents and strengths were pathetic. They had even failed to complete a small task like the expulsion of divine citizens. That was not something that Master Evil had expected. A depressed expression came across his face.

Immediately, the leader of the Sun Moon Village had made a report. In order to conceal his incompetence, he naturally exaggerated about Zen's abilities. A soul of a world lord was comparable to that of a True God? What nonsense!

In all of his life, Master Evil had only seen one person who had cultivated his soul to such

nly take a blink of an eye to kill him!"

Master Evil lazily sat on the palanquin with an indifferent look. Even if what the leader of the Sun Moon Village said was true, the other party was still just a world lord. Such a low-level warrior was not qualified to be his opponent.

After they crossed the hill, Master Evil and his group finally arrived at the Misty Mountain Village. With a callous expression, Master Evil lazily lay on the palanquin. As he finally stopped, he looked at the direction which the Sun Moon Village's leader pointed. His eyes suddenly widened as he gazed at the entrance of the village. The moment he caught the person at the entrance of the village, Master Evil frantically stood up and revealed a look like he had seen a ghost!


Disbelief painted Master Evil's face. He then used his hand to wipe his eyes, as if to get a better look...

"Master Evil?" After he saw Master Evil's expression, the leader of the Sun Moon Village was also slightly surprised. Could it be that the proving godly warrior at the entrance of the Misty Mountain Village was indeed someone of great background?

Master Evil did not answer. He observed for a while and after he confirmed that the warrior was indeed Zen, he felt conflicted at the moment. His confusion was reflected in his expression. Previously when he left the fairy palace, Master Evil hoped that he would never encounter Zen again for the rest of his life. After all, the divine land was a huge place, so the chances of another encounter with him were slim. But he didn't expect that he would meet Zen again so soon. He was really unlucky! All he could do was bite his lips in disappointment.

He then jumped down from the palanquin and turned around. Without a single word, he left the Misty Mountain Village. The leader of the Sun Moon Village was baffled by the scene. With widened eyes, the leader could only gawk silently.

However, after Master Evil had taken more than a few steps, he heard Zen call out to him, "Master Evil, didn't you recognize me?"

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