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   Chapter 2129 Muddy Moon Cave

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The divine citizens of Misty Mountain Village didn't believe that Master Evil had returned.

Such a legend had been spread over a long time, after all. Most of the characters in these legends were already ancient figures—their return wasn't something people would easily accept.

But Zen had no doubt about it because it was he who personally released Master Evil.

After being released, Master Evil and Wayne had rushed into Swirl Forest before the fairy palace was besieged by a group of vicious creatures from the divine land.

At this point, Zen wasn't sure whether or not these two had died under the hands of those ferocious beasts—he had also been worried that even with the two's strength to defy the heavens, they'd still have difficulty surviving against the vicious beasts.

Now, it seemed that Zen's worries were unnecessary. Master Evil had been imprisoned for so long that as soon as he was released, he wanted to restore his former glory. It was merely a coincidence that Master Evil's den was actually the Vast Sky Region.

"If you don't believe me, I won't be the one coming here again. Next time, it will be Master Evil himself," said the chief of the Sun Moon Village.

A strong mid-rank True God was also a powerful figure in the divine land.

With such a backer, his Sun Moon Village's position could be greatly enhanced in the future. It pleased the chief, believing that Zen would compromise and no one was willing to seek death before a True God.

"I believe you," Zen said faintly.

Hearing Zen's words, the Sun Moon Village's chief and his subordinates immediately heaved a sigh of relief, knowing that they didn't have to fight Zen, a proving godly warrior. If they could make him retreat on his own in the face of such difficulties, they'd achieve ideal results.

"Since that's the case, you can persuade the villagers of Misty Mountain Village to leave obediently or you can leave on your own. Let us deal with the villagers," the chief said with a smile.

The members of the Misty Mountain Village weren't expecting Zen to truly believe the chief's words—they were stunned. "Thad, you can't just accept what they say. They mean only to scare us."

"The Sun Moon Village is a mere dilapidated village that has survived for tens of thousands of years. How could they possibly find a True God to help them?"



rations of our ancestors…"

"Our ancestors?! This person has been around much longer than them! If the legend is true, we have indeed occupied Master Evil's old territory."

Zen was speechless.

Since the villagers were too agitated, Zen couldn't be bothered to explain any longer.

Meanwhile…in the Sun Moon Village

The Muddy Moon Cave was originally abandoned for countless years—the entrance had also collapsed a long time ago.

But during this period of time, the Sun Moon Village had reopened the Muddy Moon Cave's entrance and cleaned it meticulously. Soon after, it was classified as a forbidden area by the Sun Moon Village. No one was allowed to approach it.

The Sun Moon Village's chief kneeled before the cave in respect. Lowering his voice, he said, "Master Evil, it is not that I have failed my mission. I don't know where the Misty Mountain Village got such a strong warrior to help them. Although he's only a proving godly warrior, his strength is indeed extraordinary. I'm very sensitive to soul theurgy, as you may know, and I found that proving godly warrior's soul may surpass the Gold Fighting Soul. His soul may even be a True God Soul!"

After that, the chief didn't dare move an inch.

"Nonsense! A mere world lord able to cultivate his soul into a Gold Fighting Soul is already too outstanding… but to have the True God Soul? I'm afraid that even the wealthy clans of the Floating Islands cannot do it." Master Evil's voice transmitted from the cave. There weren't many world lords with a Gold Fighting Soul—it was difficult to believe.

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