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   Chapter 2128 Master Evil

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The martial arts of the Divine Land had existed for a long time and had gone through countless eras of development. However, it was now stuck in a bottleneck.

Generally speaking, the level or achievement a divine citizen could reach was already defined after they were born. Moreover, their social strata was fixed and thus, rarely changed.

Therefore, the chances of a small village like the Misty Mountain Village to have some powerful warriors were close to none.

The leader of the Sun Moon Village was naturally infuriated, but he had sharp eyes. He knew that Zen wasn't an ordinary person and of course, secretly raised his vigilance. That was why he first asked Zen where he learned martial arts from in order to find out more about his background.

"My master?" Zen flatly said and glanced at him.

Zen glanced at this person and said indifferently, "You don't have the right to know about this."

The subordinates of the Sun Moon Village's leader began to curse Zen among themselves once again when they heard his words.

Just as they began to speak, Zen threw the pebbles that were concealed in his fingers at lightning speed. Several swooshing sounds filled the air as the jaws of the martial artists who cursed Zen had gotten shattered by the pebbles. They fell to the ground and rolled around in pain.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Sun Moon Village just stood there motionlessly. Even if Zen hadn't moved yet, he knew that he was no match for this person. Since Zen had refused to reveal where he had learned martial arts, he relented and said, "To be honest, my friend, our Sun Moon Village is doing favors for someone else! That person is definitely not someone you can afford to offend. Doing so for the sake of the Misty Mountain Village is surely not a wise choice!"

When he was finished speaking, Zen paused in contemplation.

It could be said that this leader of the Sun Moon Village was intelligent to some level. He wasn't like some extremely conceited and foolish people who looked for trouble with Zen and wanted to kill him first.

Since the leader said that they were doing things for someone else and that person was someone he couldn't afford to offend, then that person must be a powerful True God.

There was still a huge difference between a world lord and a True God. However, to be able to bridge that gap would certainly feel like reaching the heaven from the earth. But, Zen's current strength did not allow him to have even the slightest chance of winning against a low-rank True God.

Moreover, those black threads currently bound his cinnabar field, so it was even more impossible for him to compete against a True God.

The leader of the Sun Moon Village mentally snickered when he noticed the change in Zen's expression. 'This person hesitated. I'll push a

Silence immediately enveloped the Misty Mountain Village at the leader of the Sun Moon Village's words. However, they whispered among themselves, and their murmurs did not escape Zen's ears.

"About the thirty-six islands and seventy-two villages, I remember that there is indeed such a legend in the Vast Sky Region. Our Misty Mountain Village belongs to one of these regions."

"Hmph, that is just a story someone has made up. A few divine eras ago? Will anyone even believe the things that have been passed down from such a long time ago?"

"Yes, that person is the infamous Master Evil. It's just that according to the legends, he had died a long time ago, and those villages and islands have been destroyed as well."


The whispers were barely audible, but Zen still heard them all. He couldn't help but raise his eyebrows, his lips twitched. A glimmer of confidence flashed in his eyes when he heard the words "Master Evil". He stared at the leader of the Sun Moon Village and asked, "The person you're talking about, is he really Master Evil?"

As for Master Evil's return, the leader of the Sun Moon Village hadn't found the right time to announce it to the public. At the very least, he did not plan to reveal it until he had helped Master Evil obtain the thing that he had buried under Misty Mountain Village.

Now that some people had already guessed who the person was, the leader of the Sun Moon Village chuckled as he assumed that Zen was frightened. He thought that it would be best if Zen would be wary of the overwhelming odds against him and just back off. He then continued, "Master Evil is now a mid-rank True God. If he personally comes here, you won't have any chance to resist and you will definitely die. Those villagers will also suffer from an unimaginable disaster. You should convince them to leave with you as quickly as you can!"

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