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   Chapter 2127 The Village Leader (Part Two)

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Back then, Zen suddenly appeared in their remote mountain village. He taught them martial art skills and helped them resist the Sun Moon Village's attacks. It was no doubt that he had done a lot for them. Now, they also wanted him to destroy the Sun Moon Village, which seemed a bit unreasonable.

The entire house suddenly quieted down. No one dared to take the initiative to ask Zen for help.

At the corner of the house, Zen looked at the ceiling and said, "I will stay in the Misty Mountain Village for another fifteen days, and then I will leave. Thanks for treating me in a friendly way these last few days. If the warriors of the Sun Moon Village dare to come here again, I will help you punish them."

That was the guarantee Zen could give. He did not know much about the Sun Moon Village, but he discovered that they weren't actually powerful warriors. Thus, he believed that their leader wasn't that strong as well. Even if Zen couldn't use the chaotic energy for now, it shouldn't be hard for him to deal with them.

However, he also guessed that there must be a higher-level force behind the Sun Moon Village. If such a force was a True God, Zen's current strength wouldn't allow him to effectively fight back. He would be in trouble.

He didn't want to enter the divine land and be chased around by a group of True Gods. If he wasn't careful, he might lose his life. That was not what he wanted.

Once Zen was done speaking, he closed his eyes again. The house was slowly filled with the villagers' whispers once more.

Since the warriors of the Sun Moon Village had been killed on this day, and their people were known to be domineering, it wouldn't


"Proving godly warrior!"

Of course, the Sun Moon Village leader knew much more than the ordinary warriors because he was a proving godly warrior. He could tell with a single glance that Zen was powerful. Even though Zen had deliberately restrained himself, the aura that he loosely emitted still shocked the leader of the Sun Moon Village.

"I protect the Misty Mountain Village. Please leave this place. Then, I will not kill you," Zen spoke first.

However, the warriors around the leader of the Sun Moon Village were deeply offended by his words.

"Who the hell are you? Just kneel down in front of our leader, and then apologize to him with your life!"

"You are just a mere proving godly warrior, but why are you so reckless? Do you think you are the best in this world?

Our leader will make you regret ever coming here!"

"All of you shut up!" the leader of the Sun Moon Village suddenly yelled.

The whole time, his cold gaze was fixed on Zen. After he regained his bearings, he cupped his hands and asked, "Sir, would you care to tell me who your master is? May I have your name?"

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