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   Chapter 2126 The Village Leader (Part One)

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A small pebble in the divine land weighed about five hundred pounds. Combined with Zen's insanely powerful kick, it could shatter anything it hit.

The martial artist at the helm couldn't say anything that threatened Zen, so another martial artist beside him wanted to say something. After all, the Sun Moon Village backed them—they had no reason to be afraid.

But just as that martial artist was about to speak, Zen's foot kicked another stone and hit the martial artist's jaw accurately.


Of course, his jaw had been broken.

When the other martial artists saw the scene, they didn't dare to threaten Zen. All of them remained quiet in fear of Zen, who might kick a stone that would smash their faces as well.

"You guys deal with these people," Zen said indifferently.

Indeed, the Misty Mountain Village's people all wanted to kill those warriors and they shared the same sentiments among each other. "They killed two of us!

We have to avenge them!"

"Kill them!"

Those who had killed others must die—such was a principle that was universally accepted in the entire world.

Therefore, the angry villagers tightly held on to their spears and charged toward those warriors.

Although the villagers of the Misty Mountain Village were kind and honest, they didn't show the slightest mercy to the murderers who killed the members of their village.

The warriors on the opposite side immediately ran for their lives at the sight of the Misty Mountain villagers despite their broken wrists, courtesy of Zen.

However, just as they turned around, Zen stomped his foot on the ground and kicked the stones beneath his feet one by one.

The tiny stones that were filled with great momentum were accurately shot at the crooks of the wa

Village started to get louder. "We might as well leave here!

If the warriors of the Sun Moon Village come over to kill us, won't all of us have to die?" "Leave?

Why do we have to leave? From generation to generation, this place has belonged to our Misty Mountain Village. We can't just let them occupy this place. They are just too unreasonable!"

"Our Misty Mountain Village is remote and we are not rich, but why do the people of the Sun Moon Village still want to occupy this place? I think they just want to cause trouble!"

There was indeed, nothing important about their village.

In addition, the outside of the Misty Mountain Village was just a flat and wide vegetable patch. What could the Sun Moon Village want from that vegetable patch?

"What are you afraid of? We can just let Thad attack and destroy the Sun Moon Village," one villager shouted. When the rest of the villagers heard those words, they all turned to look at Zen.

He was their only hope. The question was whether Thad was willing to take such a huge risk to help them fend off the Sun Moon Village.

On the other hand, Woolley and Thomson sat by the side without saying anything.

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