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   Chapter 2125 The Invaders (Part Two)

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 6026

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Zen had stayed in Misty Mountain Village for more than half a month. The people there were simple and hospitable. They were more than kind enough to provide Zen with delicious food and a place to stay. As he witnessed how cruelly the villagers were killed, Zen immediately felt unparalleled wrath in his heart. However, the anger instantly disappeared from his eyes. As a mature warrior, he was able to suppress the emotions in his heart at any time.

Most of the villagers fled helplessly in panic, but there were still some brave villagers who stepped forward with spears in their hands. However, they were pitifully weak despite their valor. They also knew they were no match for their opponents. As their arms shook with terror, they hoped for at least an honorable death.

Thump! Thump!

A cyan saber light flashed, and the long spears in the hands of those villagers suddenly broke into two pieces. The villagers became engulfed with despair as their weapons became useless. The warrior in the lead had a cold smile on his face. He raised the cyan saber in his hand again and was about to chop off the head of a villager.

"Now is the time!"

Zen descended from the top of the house. Before he landed, he gave the ground an elbow strike. His powerful display immediately caught the attention of the invaders. As his body spun in a circle, the wooden sword in his hand pointed out.

The wooden sword weighed more than ten thousand pounds, while the cyan long saber in the Spirit Supreme Realm warrior's hand weighed more than a hundred thousand pounds. Since Zen couldn't activate his cinnabar field, he naturally could not infuse his chaotic energy into the wooden sword. As such, the wooden sword he held would naturally be inferior to the long sabers of the enemies.

However, just as Z

had only heard of it from his brother. However, it seemed that they weren't as powerful as Zen.

"I, I'm not sure either." Woolley's heart pounded relentlessly. He originally couldn't tell Zen's cultivation level, but as far as he knew, a proving godly warrior couldn't defeat seven Spirit Supreme Realm warriors in such a short time. However, Zen had easily defeated not just one, but all seven of them. Was Zen already a True God? But he didn't have the unique aura of a True God.

"Brat, who are you? How dare you do this? We are from the Sun Moon Village. Our leader..." The head of the group of Spirit Supreme Realm warriors covered his arm and stared at Zen fiercely. Surely, he had discovered that Zen was a proving godly warrior. Therefore, he wanted to scare Zen away. He immediately mentioned the village they were from to incite fear in Zen. A small village like Misty Mountain Village would not have a proving godly warrior.

However, before the enemy warrior could finish his words, Zen lifted his foot. Instantly, a stone flew towards the enemy warrior. The stone heavily smashed into the warrior's jaw and crushed it into pieces. The warrior couldn't even scream, let alone speak.

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