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   Chapter 2124 The Invaders (Part One)

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An intense passion was reflected in Thomson's black eyes. It almost seemed that a wildfire had lit up in his pupils.

As he looked at Thomson's resolute gaze, Zen's heart was moved. Thomson was like him in his early years, firm and decisive. Such a dedicated character was very respectable.

Whether it was the warrior spirit or the Godly Way, in truth, it was a path of continuous growth. Zen himself didn't know whether there was an end to that path either. However, once warriors set foot in the path of martial arts, they must try hard to make progress. The improvement of their strength and cultivation was an integral part of their lives.

If Thomson only wanted to protect Misty Mountain Village, there was no need for him to acknowledge Zen as his master. It would be enough for Thomson to diligently practice by himself.

"Sorry. You are very passionate. I commend you for that. However, for now, I can't take you as my disciple," Zen said with a regretful smile.

"Not now, but when?" Thomson asked, his eyes flashed with glee. He was surprised that Zen didn't refuse him directly.

Zen took a deep breath and looked up at the sky above the Vast Sky Region. A brilliant sun shone across the sky and emitted an intense light. That was a true sun, and also the only sun in the divine land.

After some thought, Zen looked deeply at Thomson's passionate eyes. He then replied with a kind voice, "If one day you hear my name in the Vast Sky Region, come look for me."

Zen had come for revenge, so the probability of his death was very high. The enemies he wanted to defeat and might encounter were dangerously strong.

If he could one day defend himself against Murphy, then he would have the qualifications to establish his own sect within th

re two divine citizens from Misty Mountain Village. With further inspection, the two citizens were already mutilated corpses. One of them had his neck cut off, while the other was directly cut in half. The sight was too horrible to look at.

"Humph! Our leader gave you three months to leave Misty Mountain Village. He was already kind enough to give you a chance to escape. Since you refuse to leave, you will be punished. Don't blame us for being cruel!" The one in the lead waved the large cyan saber in his hand and laughed sinisterly. An arrogant expression painted his ugly face. He ruthlessly killed the two divine citizens to intimidate and drive away all the people of Misty Mountain Village.

"Since you are unwilling to depart, then there is no need to leave anymore. The chief has already said that the sabers in our hands won't become sharper unless we kill continuously. You imbeciles will be the perfect sacrifices for our strength. Guys, other than women, kill everyone else. The elderly and children are no exception!" The warrior waved his long saber and led the other six warriors to rush in. With a barbaric howl, the warriors infiltrated the village.

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