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   Chapter 2123 Pursue The Godly Way (Part Two)

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The villagers were not stupid. A proving godly warrior with unknown background stayed in their little village might because the warrior possibly committed some crime and escaped his origins to avoid punishment. However, since the Misty Mountain Village was so remote, perhaps no one would be able to find the place. As such, they were not too worried.

Zen had been in the Misty Mountain Village for more than half a month. Within that period, about half of the black threads in his cinnabar field had already melted away. In another half a month, he should be able to completely get rid of all of those black threads. His strength would finally be rejuvenated. Additionally, Zen had good knowledge of the Vast Sky Region. After those black threads melted away, he would leave the village. The vast region could be finally explored by him.

The divine citizens' cultivation talent was not weak. However, it was just that their foundation was too poor. Thus, it was difficult for them to bring out their full strength. With his cultivation base of the Spirit Transformation Realm, Woolley could barely employ the Sword Step. As such, his movements were still not agile enough.

On the other hand, Thomson's talent was indeed beyond Zen's expectations. Even though he had yet to open his Soul Sea, it only took him three days to master the Sword Step. Such fast comprehension was spectacular even for Zen. Thomson's talent was greater than that of any ordinary people. Even seasoned warriors would be impressed by Thomson's extraordinary talent for comprehension.

Therefore, based on Thomson's talent, Zen had developed a new sword technique. He aligned it with the basic sword technique Woolley practiced, with the addition of the Sword Step. The newly created technique was then imparted to Thomson...

Thomson meticulously practiced the sword technique day and night for the past few days. When he

A determined expression painted his face. He then announced with a brave tone, "I cultivate the martial arts not just to protect the Misty Mountain Village! "I, I want to... pursue the Godly Way!"

After he heard Thomson say such words, Woolley was very shocked. With an opened mouth, Woolley gawked at his brother. He had never thought that his brother had such an ideal.

In the divine land, there was a huge gap between the divine citizens and True Gods.

Once one succeeded in the cultivation of the Godly Way, it meant that they would achieve unlimited lifespan and unlimited possibilities. The Godly Way was a gateway for limitless power and strength.

However, even though the number of True Gods in the divine land was large, it did not mean that it was easy to cultivate the Godly Ways. That particular method of cultivation was very strenuous. The warriors that cultivated the Godly Ways also rarely succeeded.

The vast majority of True Gods were born countless divine eras ago. A True God wouldn't die because their lifespan was already inexhaustible. Old age and sickness would mean nothing to them. As such, there were so many True Gods out there. However, only a few divine citizens would be able to master the Godly Ways and become True Gods.

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