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   Chapter 2122 Pursue The Godly Way (Part One)

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Once Zen began to exhibit his set of Sword Step, the eyes of Woolley, Thomson and a few other children immediately lit up. All of them were in awe of Zen's magnificent display of skill.

Due to the Eagle Sword Skill that Woolley had used previously, Zen had already understood the strangeness of the divine land. The cultivation methods, which were practiced by the disciples supported by the True Gods, were extremely exquisite. Each disciple would cultivate many of those methods in their lifetime. Perhaps those methods were inherited from the comprehension of Holy Beings and later inherited from the Godly Ways!

However, the distance between divine citizens and those disciples was extremely far. As such, their abilities were also vastly different.

When the divine citizens finally grew up, they would naturally have incredible strength. Additionally, their perception would be several times better than those of the divine land's martial artists. However, it was difficult for the divine citizens to even get a chance to learn some of the most basic martial arts of the universe! Zen had no idea how such a situation had developed. Pity and disappointment were in his eyes.

Perhaps it was because the little mountain village was too remote. Or maybe, it was because the situation had been developed in the divine land for countless years. Nonetheless, their predicament should be addressed as soon as possible.

Although the divine citizens did not possess any powerful martial arts manuals, their physiques were still powerful and they had extraordinary perception. Each of them meticulously watched Zen's movements. After Zen finished his Sword Step, the eyes of Woolley and the children were full of admiration!

"Hooo... hooo... hooo…"

After Zen ascended to the Upper World, it was no longer important to fight against a martial artist with sword moves. As such, most of the cultivation methods he had gathered over the years became less useful. There were many cultivation methods that he could only discard.


ivation. However, Woolley's talent was average at best. Additionally, the Misty Mountain Village was not rich with resources. The village could barely give him the rare resources he needed. Therefore, Woolley's strength was also mediocre.

After he saw the talent that his little brother had displayed seemed to far surpass his own, Woolley felt both depressed and happy for his little brother. A mix of admiration and regret crept in his heart. He wondered if he should let his brother become Zen's disciple...

Over the next few days, Zen continued to teach the children the Sword Step. Everyone was very eager to comprehend the profound movements. Zen also saw some benefits in his interaction with the villagers.

He could learn more information about the Vast Sky Region. Additionally, since the village provided him a place to stay, he could unravel the black threads in his cinnabar field with ease.

The villagers of the Misty Mountain Village were all very kind. They knew that Zen was a proving godly warrior. Additionally, he even taught a few children the swordsmanship every day. Naturally, they were very grateful and always made the best food in the village for Zen to eat.

At the same time, the villagers had all sorts of speculations about Zen's background. His mysteriousness and kind character created colorful rumors about him.

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