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   Chapter 2121 Zen's Guidance (Part Two)

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However, although Woolley was at the Spirit Transformation Realm, the sword skills he used were rather ordinary. It was just a variant of the basic swordsmanship, which was far less flexible. Woolley would be easily defeated by most warriors from Zen's universe when it was about swordsmanship.

Zen pondered over it. Curious eyes painted his face. Immediately, he quickly understood the reasons. The divine citizens were born with spectacular strength. If they could absorb the vitality between heaven and earth in the divine land and advance in their cultivation levels, they could open up their Soul Sea and become a Soul Sea Realm warrior.

The Soul Sea Realm warriors in the divine land had equivalent status to nature creatures in the Lower World of Zen's universe. Additionally, they had just started their martial path. As a Spirit Transformation Realm warrior, Woolley was only slightly stronger than an ordinary person. He was a villager of a remote village, so it was incredible enough that he could reach the Spirit Transformation Realm. It was nearly impossible for him to get any advanced sword skills to learn. The distance of the village to civilization had hindered any advanced sword techniques to be integrated by its warriors.

Along with Woolley, a group of children also diligently practiced.

The kids probably couldn't get a sword, so they could only use branches and sticks instead. However, their determination was still apparent in children's expressions. They were quite serious as they imitated Woolley's movements.

'These branches should be valuable enough to exchange for a high-quality sacred weapon in our universe.'

As this thought passed through his mind, Zen smiled softly. No matter where he went, there were always people who were dedicated to the martial arts. With a calm and appreciative expression, he walked down the stairs of the house.

"Be serious! Adjust your stance properly!" As he noticed Zen's presence, Woolley starte

cultivation methods, resources, and even masters...

To the divine citizens, those were things that they couldn't even reach. As such, the Godly Way Tablets for cultivation were only a legend to most divine citizens.

Although Zen was not a True God, as a proving godly warrior, he could still be a good teacher to them. However, they had never thought that Zen would agree to teach them so easily. All of them started to form a sense of admiration towards him.

After Zen had finished his words, he took a step forward and waved his hand toward Thomson. The wooden sword in the boy's hand suddenly flew into Zen's hand. Thomson revealed a surprised expression.

Although this wooden sword was a toy for a child, it actually weighed over ten thousand pounds. Thomson was only seven or eight years old but he was still a divine citizen. His strength could not be measured by the standard of the universe. A divine citizen would naturally be born with spectacular strength compared to secondary creatures.

"To learn to use a sword, you should learn to move swiftly first. Take a good look!"

As he finished his remarks, Zen took a step forward and started to shift left and right. He was using the Sword Step that he hadn't used in a long time. Incredible footwork was witnessed by Woolley and the children.

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