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   Chapter 2120 Zen's Guidance (Part One)

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Zen certainly knew that if he made up any kind of story, there would always be something he couldn't explain clearly. Little details and crucial parts would usually be a dead giveaway in a false story.

However, if he provided less information instead, it was less likely that they would discover that he was a liar. Additionally, it didn't matter whether they believed all of his words or not

Moreover, these people were just some divine citizens. It was impossible for them to find out anything about his background. For those citizens, they would easily dismiss Zen as a random passerby.

Just as Zen had expected, Woolley did not pursue the topic any longer. Instead, he told Zen honestly that their little mountain village was quite remote in the Vast Sky Region. Even the nearest divine city was very far away. As such, a smile shone in Woolley's face as he invited Zen to stay in the Misty Mountain Village first.

The Misty Mountain Village faced a great enemy and Zen was a proving godly warrior. Ever since he arrived at their village, their invitation was completely within Zen's expectations. He gladly accepted the offer.

After he witnessed that Zen had agreed to stay, Woolley immediately beamed with pleasure. "My friend, I bet you must be wearied by your long journey. It must have been a long way before you arrived here. Brother, go and fetch two jugs of our best wines for our honored guest!"

Afterward, Woolley opened the large pot in front of him. A rich aroma of meat suddenly filled the entire place.

Zen hadn't eaten any food for a long time. As such, he immediately felt his appetite stir the moment he smelled the aroma of the meat. A loud growl was heard in his abdomen. Based on Woolley's introduction, the meat stewed in the pot had been peeled off from the Iron Tooth Beast.

As a Spirit Transformation Realm warrior, Woolley didn't need to eat food as well. However, he still ate the meat of the Iron Tooth Beast which had the function to increase his strength. F

e squarely!"

The sun had not yet fully risen. However, multiple swords were heard as they clashed with each other from outside the house. Even though it was just the break of dawn, dozens of warriors already held swords and sparred with each other.

Zen stood up and pushed open the door. As he laid eyes on the field, he saw Woolley with a cyan steel sword. Systematic strikes and slashes were magnificently displayed by Woolley.

The movements displayed by Woolley were unfamiliar to Zen. However, Zen's comprehension of swordsmanship had already reached the level of Ripping Consciousness. He had long since far surpassed the level of a grand master and had profound insight about swordsmanship. He could tell with a single glance that this set of sword skills was extremely simple and crude. A chuckle almost escaped Zen's lips as he was amused by the sight in front of him.

'It seems that these divine citizens aren't more advanced than secondary creatures in every aspect. Their swordsmanship could really use some improvements, ' Zen thought to himself.

Let alone a Spirit Transformation Realm warrior, even an ordinary Life and Death Realm or Soul Sea Realm warrior from his universe could be regarded as a grand master of swordsmanship. Most warriors from Zen's universe practiced many sets of excellent sword skills.

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