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   Chapter 2119 The Proving Godly Warrior

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Zen's actions intimidated the excited divine citizens.

He slightly understood what they meant when he heard what they said.

Some people seemed to be trying to take over the Misty Mountain Village and driving the people out. These divine citizens were unwilling to leave though so their supposed conquerors decided to hire some extra muscles to cause them trouble.

When Zen entered the divine land, he immediately fell onto a vegetable field and then eradicated a great crowd of pests there. Soon he was seen by a boy who immediately took him to the village so that the other divine citizens could team up and kill him.

Realizing that it was all a misunderstanding, Zen felt the need to clarify things.

"I am a mere passerby. I unintentionally crashed into that vegetable field. I did not intend to offend anyone. Why did you all attack me though?" he murmured faintly.

He wasn't angry, not after knowing what was finally going on.

"Did we misunderstand then?"

"Weren't you sent here by the Sun Moon Village?"

The divine citizens all wavered, seeing the innocent look on Zen's face.

Zen shook his head. "I haven't even heard of a Sun Moon Village before."

"How can we trust you?" one of the divine citizens asked.

"Just trust me." A friendly smile broke through Zen's face. "Then you can trust me!"


Zen finally left the back of the bull in a flash.

Even if he couldn't launch the Wind Law to fly, he could still make use of the ingenious movement techniques he had learned in the past. To these divine citizens, it appeared as if he simply vanished like a ghost.

They only felt a light breeze brush past them and suddenly, their grips on their spears loosened and they found themselves without their weapons.

In just a few seconds, Zen was already standing in the middle of the village gate with a bundle of spears in his hands.

Everyone's faces paled in fright. "If I had been sent by the Sun Moon Village, then all of you would've already been dead," he told them indifferently before throwing the spears on the ground.

Nobody uttered a word to dispute Zen's claim.

What he said was reasonable. The strength Zen had displayed was enough to kill all of them in one sitting. That much was pretty obvious.

However, the divine citizens were still full of hostility and Zen couldn't help but despair in his heart.

If it weren't for the fact that he newly crashed here then he wouldn't have bothered with these divine citizens.

He had to remind himself that this was the divine land and not the univer


His words immediately eased the tension. The divine citizens all seemed to believe Woolley's words and felt that Zen had no enmity towards them at the very least.

With the misunderstanding solved, Woolley led the way and took Zen to the largest building in the village.

Inside the building was a brazier located at the very center. On top of the brazier was a large pot that seemed to be cooking something and emitted a thick fragrance of meat.

Zen couldn't help but stare at the fire. However, he couldn't see through the laws that were contained within the flames.

His gaze then went to the logs on the bottom of the brazier and he immediately understood that it was this precious pile that gave the flames such a strange quality.

No wonder Livingston was so excited when he saw the materials in the fairy palace. Rare and precious logs such as these were used as kindling for cooking by common divine citizens.

The divine citizens were all very accommodating to Zen and treated him as a guest. A proving godly warrior was a very high status in their eyes after all.

"Where did you come from, Sir?" Woolley asked. "Why did you come here to our Misty Mountain Village?"

Even when he was still in the universe, Wynn had already taught Zen a set of excuses to answer any question that might endanger his real identity.

"I'm Thad Luo. I came from another region and got lost when I went into the Vast Sky Region. I accidentally broke into that vegetable field..." Zen narrated sheepishly but in his mind, all the information he gave was tied in an orderly manner.

"You got lost in the Vast Sky Region..." Woolley murmured in astonishment, disbelief written all over his face.

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