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   Chapter 2118 Misunderstanding

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The entirety of the divine land was divided into multiple regions.

The four largest regions were the East, the West, the North, and the South; and their corresponding divine trees were the Ray Tree, the Sunrest Tree, the Lofty Tree, and the Hidden Tree.

The four divine trees each had their own unique and miraculous abilities. It could also be said that they kept the divine land stable, and it was because of them that the divine land constantly drew in chaotic energy and converted it to vitality between the heaven and earth.

In addition to the four great regions and the central Time Sea, there were many other regions in the divine land as well.

Although Zen roughly understood them, he couldn't memorize every single one of them. However, he knew that he was in the Vast Sky Region as of the moment.

He had tried to learn about the situation from the little boy on the back of the bull, but the little boy didn't know much and gave him a lot of irrelevant answers. Nevertheless, Zen quickly got a rough grasp of the whole situation.

It turned out the so-called divine citizens were actually mortals from the divine land.

These divine citizens either did not cultivate or they had mediocre talents. Despite that, they were still much stronger than the mortals in the universe.

For instance, they were able to reclaim the vast and boundless vegetable field on their own.

Generally speaking, not even a Life and Death Realm warrior in the universe could easily dig out such a vegetable field. Only the warriors of the Soul Sea Realm could do so with their physical power, and they could barely even. However, ordinary divine citizens in the divine land could do it.

In other words, every single divine citizen of the divine land was born to be a super powerful warrior.

It was no wonder when Zen had obtained Holy Jay's strength source, the Holy Being warned him that pure power was nothing in the divine land.

"Such a large vegetable field, how many divine citizens are needed to reclaim it?" Zen asked again. The wide vegetable field seemed endless.

Thus, it would need a large number of people if they wanted to reclaim it. In any case, Zen wanted to know how many divine citizens lived in the place.

However, the little boy just rolled his eyes at Zen and said, "Who said we have to dig up the field ourselves? We have cattle." He patted his Ed as he spoke, who in turn responded with a low 'moo.'

At that moment, Zen couldn't help but feel a bit awkward when he heard the boy's words.

Apparently, the village where the little boy was from only had around four thousand divine citizens. It was just a nameless little village in the Vast Sky Region.

All of those divine citizens depended on farming to make a living, specifically growing Jade Immortal Rice.

Although the divine citizens were strong and formidable, they w

anwhile, the boy who hid at one side examined Zen's indifferent expression. His large eyes were wide with shock when he realized that the man on the bull's back was just toying with them.

It was known that the divine citizens were not trained professionally. Even though they were exceptionally strong, they couldn't hold out for too long by just using their strength. After less than two minutes, many of them were too tired to the point that they were gasping for air. They held their spears and stared at Zen, dumbfounded.

The few remaining divine citizens who still persisted decided to stop as well. They weren't stupid; after all this entire time, they hadn't even touched Zen's clothes. Their differences in strength were too much. They all thought that this brat was simply toying with them.

Zen stood on the back of the bull and surveyed the divine citizens. "Everyone, why did you attack me?" he asked coldly.

As soon as his voice died down, the divine citizen who was at the helm angrily shouted, "There's no need to say anything else. If you want to kill us, just do it. We members of the Misty Mountain Village will not leave this place!"

"Right, this Misty Mountain is a clan land that has been passed down by our ancestors for generations. Why should we let you drive us away?" another divine citizen furiously chimed in. Suddenly, the crowd parted as someone rushed forward.

"I, I'm going to kill you!"

The strongest divine citizen among the lot held his long spear and charged towards Zen once again.

Zen raised his eyebrows as he gripped the divine citizen's long spear. The Eight Path Platforms in his body burst and exerted a powerful force. When the divine citizen stabbed him with the spear, the weapon had gotten crushed with an exploding sound.

The rest of the divine citizens were stunned in silence. "Is there any misunderstanding here?" Zen asked in a deep voice.

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