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   Chapter 2117 A Little Boy

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After the first cricket was smashed into the air, all the other crickets started moving.

"Click! Click! Click..."

The crickets charged forward astonishingly fast. In the blink of an eye, they were firmly wrapped around Zen. Obviously, they wanted to take advantage of their large numbers to devour him completely.

But they soon discovered a big problem—their originally invincible mouth parts couldn't seem to tear the prey in front of them, nor could they leave any wounds on Zen's body.

Zen sighed as he was pressed down at the bottom. Although the black insects couldn't hurt him, he was still rather flustered.

Then, he rolled up and stomped heavily on the ground.

And the insects under his feet were stomped into the earth.

If Zen was in a universe, he would've been able to shake the earth with a single stomp and maybe even a whole valley would've collapsed. But now, he caused only a small hole between the grass and not a single cricket was trampled to death.

But with the help of this force, Zen managed to soar straight into the air, shaking off the crickets attached to his body and landing heavily somewhere not too far away.

These crickets seemed to possess some incredibly powerful concealing abilities, able to avoid the soul power Zen released. However, their strength was not strong, and they would probably be considered the lowest level of life forms within the divine land...

Click, click, click…

When the crickets saw Zen escape, they all made another leap, spreading their wings and chasing him in the air.

Zen heaved a sigh—he wouldn't be able to walk out this lush and verdant vegetable field in a short time anyway. Since these reckless insects were attacking him, he didn't bother to run away. He would just stay to play with them for a while to kill time.

Immediately after he closed his eyes, the surface of his soul in his mind flashed with golden light. After it lit up, it instantly spread over the whole surface of his soul. Then, small golden swords began circling Zen's soul.

Apart from using his cinnabar field, Zen could also use his soul power.

When the swarm arrived, Zen suddenly opened his eyes.

A golden light suddenly surged from his pupils.

Swish, swish, swish, swish…

The golden lights contained sharp auras, all of them like many small invisible arrows. These arrows looked incredibly real and back then, they could even shatter a cliff wall.

But what made these small arrows tru

o make it out of a vegetable field.

Seeing Zen's expression, the little boy smiled again. "What I said is the truth. You are fortunate to have met me today. Otherwise, you would never be able to leave this place! Get on, let my Ed take you!"

The boy said, patting the back of the huge bull.

The enormous bull stood about thirty feet tall with an extremely broad back. A dozen people could have probably fit on there with ease.

Seeing the boy's sincerity, Zen thought he might have just been overthinking too much. Without any more hesitation, he took a step forward and jumped onto the bull's back. The boy patted the bull's back and said, "Ed, take me back!"

The giant bull began moving forward with its head bowed.

Moving very slowly, the bull was like regular farm cattle plowing the soil. But suddenly, Zen felt a change in the surrounding space as if it was an illusion. Although the bull seemed to be moving slowly, it was still carrying him forward swiftly.

"There are so many plants in this field, I wonder what they are," Zen remarked cautiously. Though the little boy didn't seem to have any tricks hidden away, Zen figured he had to be careful about everything in the divine land.

"You don't even know this? Are you from outside?" the little boy returned the question.

After a moment of hesitation, Zen answered, "Sort of."

"All the plants growing here are Jade Immortal Rice—all food for the divine citizens," the little boy explained. "The Jade Immortal Rice is exclusive in our Vast Sky Region! It's a specialty!"

Divine citizens? Vast Sky Region? Zen could only repeat the words silently in his mind.

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