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   Chapter 2116 Crickets

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The strands of black thread were like thick locks of hair. A part of them fused into Zen's body and coiled around his cinnabar field, and the rest just disappeared.

He looked at the blue sky and let out a long exhale.

It had been a long day. He was greatly disappointed that his cinnabar field was sealed, but at least he was still alive. That was good, right?

Zen sighed. Looking far into the distance, a rich vegetable field caught his attention. Its wide expanse was out of this world, the lush green fields extending as wide as the ocean.

And now, he was standing in the middle of it.

"What the hell is this place?"

Though ruled by True Gods and Holy Beings, there were also mortals with low levels of cultivation that lived in the divine land. Could it be that this vegetable field was theirs?

No, Zen frowned. The soil under his feet was soil of the divine land. Even the warriors at the Soul Sea Realm or Spirit Supreme Realm would have to exert much effort to reclaim this field. Ordinary mortals wouldn't be able to move a piece of dirt.

"Then these seedlings..."

Zen reached for a seedling and studied it closely. He could not identify what type it was, but it was certainly a tough one. It didn't break under Zen's fingers when he casually pinched it, and only when he had used 1% of his strength did the seed break.

"Huh," muttered Zen. "This is tougher that a sacred weapon in the Evolutionary Universe."

Obviously, these vegetables weren't for ordinary mortals to eat. What mortal could bite a sacred weapon to pieces?

Right now, Zen regretted not asking Wynn about the local customs of the divine land. That way, he would've known a little more about this place, and he wouldn't be so lost.

Refusing to wander aimlessly, Zen chose a direction and started to trek.

Although he couldn't fly or travel through space in the divine land, he had an extremely strong physique and his running speed wasn't too slow.

What he didn't expect however, was that six hours later, when he had traveled ten thousand miles, he was still in the lush green vegetable field. This field was endless!

Zen was distraught. No matter which angle he looked at it, this world just didn't seem real. Was this preposterous illu

was made.

"This cricket is following me!" Zen's eyebrows had raised slightly. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a swarm of black insects pop out, all of them as big as a puppy. Soon, Zen was surrounded.

"Click! Click! Click! Click! Click..."

Jumping sounds filled the night as the army of crickets gathered around Zen.

"Squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak…"

The crickets began chirping. The sound that hundreds of crickets made was deafening, as if the crickets were the only creatures that existed in this world. It did not last very long, though.

After they conversed for a while, the area became quiet once again. However, the crickets which glowed under the full moon looked at Zen with greedy eyes. They were looking at him like food!

Zen made a face. "Were you discussing how to divide me among yourselves?"


One of the crickets jumped up. As the puppy-sized cricket leaped into the air, it spread its wings and swooped down towards Zen.

But just as it got close, a fist sent it flying to the other direction.

Zen had a surprised look on his face as he clenched his right fist and looked at the cricket that was thrown away by him.

Even though his cinnabar field was sealed, his physical strength and the power in the Eight Path Platforms couldn't be underestimated. At least this strength was ten times that of an ordinary world lord. Zen frowned and pursed his lips. His punch should have shattered the cricket but there it was, unscathed.

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