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   Chapter 2115 The Slab's Punishment

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Before Zen entered the passageway, Wynn had provided a piece of crucial information. "In theory, the Godly Genius is allowed to enter the divine land. However, if they were to sneak into the divine land, they would be punished by the latter. Hence, ever since the ancient times and up until today, only a very limited few secondary creatures have chosen to sneak their way in."

"The smuggling will be punished?" Wynn's words had stunned Zen. "But I don't understand! When I'm in the fairy palace..."

"That's because you haven't left the Swirl Forest yet. If you enter the divine land through Holy Bromley's fairy palace, even if you manage to leave the Swirl Forest safely, you'll still be punished. This rule was amended by the Jiang Clan."

After the Jiang Clan had taken charge of the ascension, they helped the Holy Beings in the Hall of Holy Beings in guiding the secondary creatures who ascended. Every single creature who ascended to the divine land would be recorded from then on.

The warriors who successfully ascended to the divine land were considered valuable resources to the Holy Beings. After all, martial artists that ascended from their own universe were all True Gods and they relied solely on themselves when it came to condensing their own Godly Tiles. True Gods like these were also viewed as extremely popular talents across the divine land.

Following countless years of development though, the Hall of Holy Beings had formulated a set of detailed rules in order to balance out the interests of the various great clans as well as the Holy Beings. Those who ascended to the divine land were actually distributed according to the Floating Islands' ranks. The powerful warriors that a few Holy Beings cultivated in their inner worlds were taken away by others, which caused them to become displeased and angry.

And thus during a good period of time, a great number of warriors were stolen into the divine land.

Certain Holy Beings even brought their inner worlds' Godly Geniuses directly into the divine land for training.

In a fit of rage, the Jiang Clan immediately changed the rules on the stone slab in order to restrict the Holy Beings from doing such a thing.

The few martial artists that still dared to steal their way into the divine land would certainly receive the stone slab's punishment. From then on, only very few secondary creatures dared to secretly immigrate the land; after all, the stone slab's rules were not to be violated by anyone.

"I've never heard of such a serious matter in the past... Why have you never mentioned this before?" Zen asked in bewilderment.

Wynn smiled slightly. "Master has already taken this question into consideration."

Zen suddenly remembered something. "My blood?"

Wynn nodded briskly. "Yes. The blood that has been inherited by the Celestial Position race was prepared for the Godly Geniuses. This kind of blood can avoid tracking and punishment, but those who utilize it will ultimately face unpredictable consequences."

If they hadn't swapped Zen's blood though, then Murphy would discover him the very moment he set foot in the divine land. At this point, the serious conse

he time it was halfway toward Zen, he felt his body suddenly warming up as the golden blood in his body began to burn!

Simultaneously, the palm print seemed confused, having lost its target, and it looked like a headless fly circling over and over again ten miles above Zen's head. It just wasn't capable of locking down on Zen anymore.

'So that's how it is!' Zen thought to himself.

He looked up at the sky, a faint smile now slowly spreading on his lips.

He instantly understood that Wynn had been right. The golden blood could indeed help him escape punishment...

This black palm print continued circling around for quite a while but never found Zen. After some time, it turned into a black ball and came crashing down from the sky!

'This is bad!' Zen's thoughts were whirling now.

Immediately upon seeing the scene, he knew something was wrong. He turned his head and ran toward the other side of the vegetable patch.

The moment the black ball hit the ground, it exploded, sending out several clumps of black threads. The threads interweaved themselves in order to form a huge web that spread out in all directions. This web spread at an extremely high speed. Even though Zen was running as fast as his legs could carry him, the web wasn't escapable.

Swish, swish, swish...

Strands of black, hair-like threads shot toward and into Zen's body.

These black threads didn't cause any substantial physical damage to Zen's body, but they tightly wrapped around his cinnabar field. And after his cinnabar field was completely bounded, he immediately felt as though he had lost contact with his inner world!

'This... This can't be happening...'

Zen, suddenly felt overwhelmingly shocked and confused.

Wynn had reminded him on several occasions that there might be unpredictable consequences, and Zen was well-prepared.

Despite that, he never expected that the consequence he would face would be one like this. His own cinnabar field was sealed and he was unable to extract the chaotic energy and strength source within. Thus, he lost the two greatest things that he relied on...

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