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   Chapter 2114 Path To The Divine Land

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The killing arrays of the fairy palace had been triggered in a specific order.

Zen had panicked though, and he had left several powerful killing arrays not activated.

However, the seven-colored long sword and the mighty hammer atop the pavilion's roof had done their job. They'd exterminated most of the vicious beasts in the courtyard, and left only corpses of birds, bugs, and giant apes behind.

The terrible creatures that had been driven out of the palace were seen circling the walls and searching for a way in. Zen could tell they wouldn't be leaving anytime soon.

It was the mammoth, crimson bug that worried Zen the most though. It stared at him with unblinking, blood red eyes. A hiss slipped from its pincers making him shiver in disgust. It seemed as if it were trying to speak to Zen.

A strange feeling crawled up Zen's spine and made his heart stutter in fear. The voice that echoed in his mind was high pitched and grating.

It wasn't like he could understand the hissing sounds, but he was able to understand the impression and meaning of the words. Such a unique form of communication.

"Release the item from underground," the bug hissed. "We will allow you to leave the Swirl Forest without causing you any difficulty. We will even gift you with three precious fruits. It is a very generous deal."

Zen's face was scrunched, expressing just how uncomfortable receiving the message had been.

Saul, who was standing nearby, barked out a cold laugh when he noticed Zen's face. "It's best to ignore the creature. It must want to release the thing under the palace. Humph, these damned monsters will never give up."

"What is buried underneath the fairy palace, exactly?" Zen asked, curious.

Earlier, Zen had discovered that many of the restrictions and killing arrays in this place were targeted at something hidden underneath the fairy palace. The beasts outside the palace were as strong as True Gods, and they must have been clawing their way through to reach this level. Their need was so strong that they were risking their lives to steal what was under the palace. Whatever was down below was incredibly important Zen was sure.

Taking a deep breath, Saul shook his head and said, "It benefits you not to know that now. This thing can affect the rankings of the Floating Islands in the Time Sea. When the time comes, you'll be told. For now, though, let us drive these foul beasts away."

If Zen had been presented with this before now, he would have exploded with hundreds of questions.

After experiencing everything he had though, Zen was able to hold himself back. He understood that it might not be prudent for him to know at this time, and he just needed to simply focus on the task at hand. If he knew what was under the palace, it could cause unneeded worries and distractions.

Zen met the gaze of the crimson beast and shook his head. "I refuse."

Zen did not shout or use his chaotic energy, instead he had spoken calmly and in a soft voice. That didn't seem to hinder the bug from un

ly Geniuses, represented the hope that Mike had planted. Although the hope was not great, it represented an infinite number of possibilities. Wynn couldn't allow Margaret to go gallivanting wherever she pleased. Not when he needed her here to continue cultivating. He hoped one day she would have the chance to become a True God.

Zen had heartily agreed with Wynn's decision, and it only served to make Margaret angry. It took a long time for Zen to calm Margaret and convince her that staying with Wynn would be the best option. Because of this it had taken him much longer to prepare than he had planned.

A month and a half had passed by the time Zen settled everything, and went to find Wynn.

Since Wynn's body had been destroyed, he could no longer move freely in the universe. Master Feng had to lead Zen through the universe to reach a northern supreme world of the Evolutionary Universe. It happened to be the Gem Jade World.

There was a small, nameless race occupying this supreme world. It was so minuscule, and it only had three world lords.

Zen and Wynn kept their arrival a secret from the small race. Once they entered the Gem Jade World, under Wynn's careful instruction, Master Feng directed Zen to continue north. He would continue north until he reached the northernmost tip of the Evolutionary Universe, and arrived at the Sighing Wall.

When Master Feng stopped, Zen asked, "Did Rocher also sneak in from this place?"

Wynn shook his head and answered, "No. He did not follow the same route as you."

When they were all quiet again, Wynn stepped up to the Sighing Wall. Placing his hand on the wall, a red light started to emanate from Wynn's palm. They watched as the pulsing red light crept out along the wall, and the section of brick seemed to melt away to form a tunnel.

Along the tunnel walls and ceiling, blue veined patterns crisscrossed and spiraled down the path. There wasn't the slightest fluctuation of the Space Law, and they knew this was the correct path to the divine land.

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