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   Chapter 2113 Black Birds And Bugs

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This Soul-shaking Mastiff was much smaller than the giant white ape in size, but it was nonetheless extremely powerful as it was a true spirit.

As the Soul-shaking Mastiff chomped down on the giant white ape, a crisp sound that could send shivers down one's spine was heard!

Within a few more seconds, the giant ape's thick arm was bitten straight off. Zen got rid of the ape's grip and he fell down from the sky.


The giant white ape howled out in pain, its eyes gleaming with anger. It waved its other arm out in front of him and quickly sent a palm strike flying toward the Soul-shaking Mastiff!

The Soul-shaking Mastiff reacted very fast, though.

After biting off the giant white ape's arm, it once again leaped and dodged the giant ape's slap. It then climbed up the giant white ape's remaining arm. As soon as the Soul-shaking Mastiff reached the ape's shoulder, it pounced again, this time its mouth open wide with the intent to bite the white ape's throat!

However, just as the Soul-shaking Mastiff was no more than a few feet away from the white ape's throat, a white shadow suddenly flashed past them and a mountain-like fist smashed directly down onto the Soul-shaking Mastiff.


"Woo, woo..."

Accompanied by a loud bang, the Soul-shaking Mastiff let out a blood-curdling screech as it was smashed down into the fairy palace.

Surprisingly and unexpectedly, another giant ape had appeared outside the fairy palace!

The second giant ape was also white in color. In contrast though, this one had a clump of red fur on its head. It looked like a flame dancing above its head. "Awoo..." The giant red-furred ape let out a low growl. It was obvious that it was enraged, and with reason.

Although the Soul-shaking Mastiff had been punched by the second white ape, the second it landed, it rolled over on the ground in an attempt to get up. It lowered its body and vigilantly looked at the two giant apes standing outside the fairy palace. It too, roared in low voice and revealed its two long fangs, but it didn't dare pounce on them.

It was only seconds ago that Zen had struggled free from the white ape's arm. When he noticed that the Soul-shaking Mastiff was showing signs of fear, a strange expression appeared on Zen's face.

From Zen's point of view, the Soul-shaking Mastiff, known as "Blackie", was most likely extremely powerful. Although these two giant apes were powerful, there was no reason Blackie should be afraid of them. Blackie, on his behalf, didn't dare rush out of the fairy palace just yet.

Less than a split second later though, Zen understood what the Soul-shaking Mastiff was afraid of!

Outside the fairy palace, more and more giant apes emerged from behind the walls and around the corners, one by one. In a very short period of time, more than ten apes had actually appeared. Each and every one of them very tall and strong.

The first giant ape, the one who had attacked Zen, had a completely white body. The second giant ape had a wisp of bright red fur that looked like raging flames on the top of its head. It was three times bigger than the first giant and was also much stronger. The apes that emerged now were even larger than that, and they all had red hair on their heads, too.

In fact, the all-white giant ape was just a baby compared to

, it seemed to have a miraculous effect on the monsters in the Swirl Forest. The enormous monsters were trapped in this great flow of power and were pushed out of the fairy palace with a gust of force!

"Squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak..."

The giant crimson bug, on its behalf, was unwilling to be expelled so easily. It had keenly sensed Zen's existence and seemed to know that he was a key figure in the fairy palace. It was at that moment that it opened its six pairs of bright red wings and charged towards Zen, despite the onslaught of power. Despite its best efforts, the invisible force was very great and the bug's flying route in the air was crooked. Its speed was still shockingly fast and in the blink of an eye, it was only two or three short feet away from Zen.

So close up, Zen could now clearly see its detailed sickle-like mouthpart and smell the stench emitted by it.

When the giant crimson bug opened its mouth to swallow Zen's head, beams of seven-colored light flew over once again. A saving grace!

It turned out that the seven-colored long sword continued releasing sword shadows in order to kill the remaining vicious beasts. However, most of the vicious beasts had been pushed straight out of the fairy palace by the surge of power just before. Now, the seven-colored long sword naturally aimed at its next target, the giant crimson bug.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

A cambered blood-red light appeared on the surface of this giant crimson bug, blocking the seven-colored sword. Despite its capacity to block the attack, its body was involuntarily pushed back by the sword shadows, and it kept getting further and further away from Zen!

It took a split second for Zen to realize what was happening, but once he did, he turned around and ran, quickly dashing into the pavilion.


Accompanied by a second sound from the top of the pavilion, another surge of power flooded out in all directions. The giant crimson bug wanted to block the seven-colored sword shadows, but it no longer had enough strength to resist the torrent of power. Its body, as tall as a human being, rolled into the air and in the blink of an eye, it too, was sent flying directly out of the fairy palace!

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