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   Chapter 2112 The Huge White Ape (Part Two)

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"And the Time Law. These three laws have been suppressed in the divine land. The use of them is limited by the rules stated on that stone slab," Saul reminded with a callous look.

"Does this mean even the Holy Beings can't fly?" Zen raised another question. Curiosity began to invade his mind.

Saul shrugged his shoulders. "Not really. In reality, the top-rank True Gods can resist the suppressive power and fly. Master Evil and Wayne are both only at the peak of mid-rank True Gods' level, so they are unable to resist the suppressive power. Therefore, they can only run on the ground. However, as warriors grow stronger, their resistance to the limits of the stone slab also improves."

"I see." Zen nodded as he digested his newfound knowledge.

Just as he finished his words, a sharp, high-pitched sound could be heard from outside the fairy palace.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

As the high-pitched sound reverberated, the ground under Zen's feet also began to tremble.

Everything in the Swirl Forest was unfathomable. Moreover, the divine land was extremely stable. The thing that could cause such a commotion must be an extremely powerful existence. It could shake the earth beneath. Such power would be extremely mighty.

Soon, Zen's gaze pierced through the eaves of the fairy palace. Suddenly, a huge white ape entered his field of vision.

The ape, which was about two thousand feet tall, stood at the edge of the fairy palace's outer wall. As its slender and powerful arms dropped to the ground, it sized up Zen with its bright yellow eyes. It opened its bloody mouth slightly and howled ferociously.

As he was stared at by the ape, Zen fel

nd in the fairy palace, the huge white ape acted quickly. The moment Zen jumped up, it changed the direction of its two giant hands and grabbed him in midair. An enormous fist tightly gripped Zen's body. Then, it tried to drag him out of the fairy palace.

The Swirl Forest was one of the forbidden lands for True Gods. In addition to huge white apes, there were also some other unimaginable and dangerous monsters. If Zen was taken to the forest, he would not be able to protect himself with his current strength.

However, before the huge white ape could retract its hand, a black shadow jumped up from the roof of the weapon refining workshop. The Soul-shaking Mastiff named Blackie let out a series of roars. Intense pressure accompanied each of his barks.

Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!

The power contained in the roars could make many creatures feel fear, and the huge white ape was no exception. Its giant hand that held Zen trembled involuntarily. Terror seemed to devour the huge white ape's feral mind.

Immediately, the Soul-shaking Mastiff had already bit onto the arm of the giant white ape.

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