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   Chapter 2111 The Huge White Ape (Part One)

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With the enchanted barrier was removed, nothing could stop Master Evil and Big Mouth anymore. Danger still lurked in the Swirl Forest. However, as long as they did not seek their own deaths, it would not be too dangerous for them.

"What else do you want?" Master Evil asked with a smile. Despite his current situation, arrogance was still in his tone.

"You should remember that you promised to help me accomplish one task," said Zen with suspicious eyes.

Zen forced them to make the inner demon oath at that time because he wanted them to fight against the True Gods of the Murphy Universe. They were stronger than Blayd but weaker than the blue-clothed woman. In the end, they did not fight. However, the oath still applied.

"Of course I remember." Master Evil let out a loud laugh. "If we meet in the divine land one day and you have any needs, I won't hesitate to help you. Tell me any desires you might have at that time."

"Yeah. Don't worry about that. We won't forget." Wayne hurriedly nodded his head as well. It seemed that they would both honor their oaths.

However, it wasn't their exact thought. At that moment, they could already leave the fairy palace. The divine land was so vast that it was very likely that they would never have the chance to see Zen again for the rest of their lives. They believed that they wouldn't have to keep their promises as long as Zen couldn't find them.

Zen shrugged his shoulders and laughed. With a callous look he said, "Since you are so reasonable, I can be relieved."

Master Evil and Wayne didn't hesitate any longer. They strode forth and headed straight for the entrance of the fairy palace. At last, they were finally able to leave the place where they were imprisoned for countless years.

As he saw them leave, Zen's eyes widened. Bewilderment enveloped Ze

were powerful enough to will the laws with a simple thought.

Their comprehension came directly from the master of the Evolutionary Universe, Mike's comprehension of the laws. Since Mike could use the Law Power in the divine land, why couldn't the secondary creatures that obtained his inheritance use it?

"They don't all lose their effectiveness," Saul said flatly. His face was calm with a hint of pity. "If you don't believe me, you can try condensing a flame."

As he heard Saul's remark, Zen flicked his finger. Suddenly, a fireball shot out from his fingertip. It continuously rolled forward until it exploded about dozens of feet away.


After the flame exploded, the intense fire turned Zen's face bright red. He stared dumbfoundedly at the fire and muttered, "Does that mean that only the Wind Law and the Space Law are suppressed?"

Normally, when martial artists flew through the air, they would use the Wind Law. Similarly, when they traveled through space, they would use the Space Law. Although these two kinds of Law Power weren't particularly mighty when used against an enemy, they were still indispensable to martial artists. Such mobility was necessary inside and outside of combat.

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