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   Chapter 2110 Disintegration

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Before opening the enchanted barrier, Zen went to the weapon refining workshop and took Livingston from the fairy palace, permitting him to stay temporarily in the Breaking Cloud World.

Livingston was not pleased to be disturbed by Zen. He had been busy forging weapons in the weapon refining workshop day and night, but now his work had been interrupted by Zen. He naturally found the situation unsatisfactory.

However, Zen did in that way as a precaution.

The secondary creature would be disintegrated upon entering the divine land, and if Livingston entered the divine land as a puppet, that would probably not be much better.

It could be said that all the materials from the universe would disintegrate after they were brought into the divine land...

If the enchanted barrier was removed, then the power within the divine land could potentially disintegrate his metal body and soul.

After chasing Livingston away, Zen returned once more to the fairy palace.

Following to Saul's instructions, he neatly placed the eight tokens together.

As Zen activated these tokens one after the other, the eight tokens seemed to come to life. At first they circled in the air for a while before finally settling themselves in their own order!

The sequence of the eight tokens was heaven, earth, thunder, wind, water, fire, mountain, and valley.

The tokens connected together in the air and formed themselves into a ring. A black and white light began to shine out from the ring. These were the Dark and Light energies that Zen had encountered on the True Path. The Dark and Light energies circled and fused together, eventually turning into the perfect Eight Diagrams.

The Eight Diagrams floated slowly in front of Zen...

"Put in your hand..." Saul instructed.

Not far away, when Master Evil and Wayne saw the scene which unfolded, their eyes betrayed their greed and desire.

Being able to control the Eight Diagrams meant that one could exercise complete control over the whole fairy palace.

The fairy palace had been left behind by Bromley. They might not know about all the secrets and resources within the walls, but the dungeon that had trapped them for countless years had left an indelible impression upon them. Therefore they assumed that the rest of the fairy palace must be equally magical.

However, their greedy expressions only lasted for an instant before fading away.

After all, there was a chance that they might not be able get the approval of the Eight Diagrams. On top of that, they had sworn an inner demon oath in front of Zen before, and if they broke it, it would cast a shadow over their future lives. Moreover, Bromley was not Mike, and was not yet dead. If he came back to attack at any point, then even if they occupied the fairy palace, they would not be able to resist him in a fight... At that point they would simply be courting deat

ught this space ring I forgot that it also comes from the universe!"

Unfortunately, it was now too late to correct his mistake. The space ring rapidly turned into a mass of white mist that scattered in all directions.

And as the space ring disintegrated, an even more bizarre scene started to unfold.

Normally, if a space ring was damaged, the space within would collapse and it became impossible to find the things hidden within it. When that happened the things that were hidden within the Sumeru Space would be lost forever.

However, at this moment, when the space ring had broken apart, the space in the space ring that was brought over from the universe didn't collapse, but instead disintegrated along with the space ring. Thus the things that were inside the space ring shot out in an instant.

Fairy weapons, sacred weapons, sabers, swords, bows, and other weapons of the various ranks were all squeezed from the disintegrated space and sprinkled onto the ground before Zen...

Fortunately, Zen had acted cautiously earlier and had placed some important items within the Breaking Cloud World, rather than brought them with him into the fairy palace. Thus the items stored in this space ring were not especially valuable.

Cracks also began to appear on the surface of the sabers and swords. White mist continued to billow out before disappearing in front of Zen...

The only items that did not vanish were the Great Weighty Sword and the Great Weighty Sword's scabbard that Zen had in his possession. They were spared because they were made by Livingston from materials taken from the fairy palace, and these materials originated in the divine land.

Noting that the enchanted barrier had now disappeared, Master Evil and Wayne could not disguise their joy.

They clapped their hands together to thank Zen, and then while laughing got ready to leave.

"Just one moment, please," Zen suddenly said.

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