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   Chapter 2109 A Maze

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The divine land, over time, had developed countless divine eras.

The passage of time here was unimaginably long.

A set of strict rules had been put into place in the divine land. A few of these rules were so important that even a Holy Being wouldn't dare be caught defying one of them.

Once Murphy had put his anger into action, he received the punishment he deserved, to say the least. There was no room for disobedience!

Wynn didn't speak up much about the way Zen was going to be sent into the divine land. In fact, it had taken quite some time for Mike's disciples to figure out a plan for forcing Irene into returning to the divine land.

Rocher, in fact, had also entered the divine land by sneaking in.

No matter if it was Rocher or Zen, if they entered the divine land using any normal method, the Mu Clan would immediately be informed about their arrival.

One of the reasons why their blood had been exchanged was just for that: to avoid being tracked.

If Murphy had been able to track them, then the ten Godly Geniuses would all be doomed.

"I have no choice but to sneak into the divine land..." Zen frowned as he murmured to himself.

"This has been decided a long time ago. Even if I die, there will still be others to help you sneak over there," Wynn said.

Wynn had managed to survive the great war. If he died now though, the weighted responsibility of helping Zen and the others sneak into the divine land would be handed over to Master Feng and the other Celestial Position members.

"I understand," Zen nodded. In the end, it didn't matter to him what method he used in order to enter the divine land.

"When you're ready, you can come and find me. That said, it's best if you enter the divine land as soon as possible. Although they can try their best to hinder the Jiang Clan, they might send someone else over at any moment..." Wynn added, matter-of-factly.

"You know, Irene is a friendly young lady. Try not to worry too much, she isn't as harsh as she seems," Zen explained as he recalled his conversation with her.

Wynn smiled. "Well, she isn't as friendly as you think, either. Anyone who sent by the Jiang Clan to control the heavens is far more powerful than you can ever imagine. It's not that simple. What's more, she isn't a 'young lady'.

Judging by the average life span of a True God, she would still be relatively young.

However, if one was to calculate according to the time flow rate in the Evolutionary Universe, she would be over twenty billion years old!"

Both Zen and Master Feng were rendered speechless in an instant.

That meant that even Master Feng was much younger than Irene, not to mention that Zen himself was nothing more than a few decades old.

Twenty billion years of age... Unbelievable! That was equivalent to several grand eras.

This woman had lived for so long and yet she was still capable of communicating with Zen like any other ordinary young lady. It was indeed hard to imagine how she had lived through the past countless years.

Now that Zen had the right conditions for going to the divine land, his only remaining task was to arrange his family members well.

Over the years, Zen had always been worried about the problem of time.

ould be trapped inside the fairy palace's enchanted barrier!

If it wasn't for the fact that they were afraid of triggering a few of the restrictive spells within the fairy palace, they would've already tried destroying it long ago.

Right now, they had to wait for Zen to pass the True Path!

"This maze is related to the disappearance of the Sacred race, and it was not invented by Master. It actually exists in the world," Saul explained. "However, the maze built by the Sacred race was countless times larger and more complicated than the one in front of you. Back then, even Master was unable to pass through that maze... until he was trapped inside it for twelve divine eras. After finally escaping from the maze, he replicated a small part of it according to his memories."

"Even Master can't successfully pass through the Sacred race's maze?" Zen asked as obvious astonishment quickly filled his eyes.

"Yes, that is true, but this maze really does have an exit. Master wants you to firmly carve this maze into your mind. Just as it was carved into his," Saul replied.

Since Saul had described it as of utmost importance, Zen had no other choice but to challenge the maze again and again. In fact, with Zen's current memory, no matter how complicated the route was, he would still remember it. This maze seemed to be an illusionary one though, and therefore Zen wouldn't have the chance of repeating the same route twice.

Zen's only option left was extremely stupid: that of only turning right in the maze. Theoretically, even in the most complex maze, he would eventually find the exit if he always chose one same direction.

Ultimately, Zen spent nearly four months in the maze before managing his way out, after a countless number of attempts and failures.

Just like Saul had said, this maze had been deeply engraved in Zen's mind from beginning to end. That said though, he couldn't think of any use for remembering the maze's route.

Once Zen had the earth token in hand, he didn't even have the time to open the training tower before Master Evil and Wayne were already anxiously asking him to open the enchanted barrier for them.

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