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   Chapter 2108 Stealing Into The Divine Land

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The Heavens-suppressing Object that was in full bloom was still slowly hovering above Zen's head.

Bits of light continued to pour down, and eventually turned into a pale golden book that was reflected in Zen's mind.

On top of the book were three large black words, 'Evolutionary Divine Arts'. The voice that had been transmitting into Zen's mind was a part of the Evolutionary Divine Arts, and was also Mike's lifelong comprehension.

The Evolutionary Divine Arts had the miraculous effect of strengthening the soul and spirit. One's soul power became several times stronger than that of an ordinary martial artist once they reached the highest level of cultivation. This meant that the power of Mike's soul was unrivaled among the Holy Beings.

But Zen didn't know that the moment he began to comprehend the Evolutionary Divine Arts, the aura emanating from his soul had begun to grow stronger by the minute.

The Gold Fighting Soul belonged to the strongest realm that a soul could reach in the universe.

Becoming a Gold Fighting Soul allowed one's soul to freely leave the body to defend it against the enemy. One could even attach their soul to their swords and sabers to increase the power of their weapons.

The souls of Master Feng, Supreme Lord of Original Sin, and the others were all Gold Fighting Souls.

However, the True God Soul was stronger than the Gold Fighting Soul. The True God Soul was just a generic term for the soul of the True God, but in reality, there was a difference in the strengths of the souls of different True Gods. In the divine land, souls were classified according to their power.

For example, the souls of Wynn and Murphy's disciple, Marko, were considered to be stronger than those of other True Gods. The souls of Mateo and Pranav were slightly weaker.

"Zen's aura... is increasing by a huge margin!" Wynn had already detected the change in Zen's soul.

Since a few golden sword shadows were still on Zen's soul, a sharp aura was now mixed within his soul. When he would release his soul aura, it would be like an arrow made to oppress and threaten.

Wynn was still comfortable as he faced the waves of sharp aura that Zen was emitting.

But Master Feng was beginning to feel uneasy.

The streaks of formless, formidable aura shot out in all directions, some even piercing Master Feng's mind. The aura penetrated his soul, causing him great pain.

"This soul's aura is so formidable!"

Master Feng was so astonished, he retreated 3, 000 feet in one startled jump.

Master Feng was forced to retreat in surprise because of the aura. If Zen were to use his full strength and release his soul aura to attack someone, wouldn't he be

e Jiang Clan. But the guide in the Evolutionary Universe has already been forced to return to the Jiang Clan."

"The young lady from the Jiang Clan?" Zen asked.

Wynn nodded. "The Jiang Clan wrote down this rule through that stone slab a thousand divine eras ago. That's why the Jiang Clan is responsible for guiding the warriors in the universe to the divine land and controlling the heavens. None of the Holy Beings could violate this rule. But this time, we are lucky enough that the young lady was forced to stay back in the Jiang Clan. Even your sister has also contributed to this matter."

Zen's eyebrows rose at Wynn's mention of Yan and a sword-like light flashed through his eyes.

Wynn laughed and said, "Don't get too excited. I'm only guessing at the moment. If I'm not mistaken, Harold might have done something, otherwise the Jiang Clan wouldn't have allowed the controller of the heavens of the Evolutionary Universe to become vacant for so long."

Zen calmed himself down. He was too sensitive and did not know where to look for Yan even if he did go to the divine land. But right now, he had another question to pose to Wynn. "Why did the Jiang Clan send their own members to control the heavens?"

Sending members of the clan to different universes to help other Holy Beings control the heavens was a thankless task.

"You don't even know that the Jiang Clan's Floating Island in the Time Sea is considered one of the top ten big islands in the first tier! The reason they are able to raise their clan to such a high level is because they rely on the method of controlling the heavens. And this is related to the Jiang Clan's cultivation method. You will gradually understand all of this once you enter the divine land. Now, I can help you sneak into the divine land."

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