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   Chapter 2107 Legacy

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The Heavens-suppressing Object had already escaped Master Feng's control.

It had now merged with Zen's Lotus Flower that had already bloomed. This meant that Zen had to reopen this Evolution Lotus Flower again.

This Evolution Lotus Flower had never been opened ever since Master Feng had carried the Heavenly Destiny and obtained the Heavens-suppressing Object.

The Heavens-suppressing Objects were originally precious weapons to the Holy Beings. Only Holy Beings had the right to use them. Letting the strongest Supreme Lord in the universe obtain the Heavens-suppressing Object as a treasure was a common convention among the Holy Beings, but that did not mean that they could use it as they wished.

Irrespective of whether it was Master Feng or the Grand Supreme Lord of the Sacred race, they could only display a fraction of the Heavens-suppressing Object's true strength.

Master Feng watched the Evolution Lotus Flower fly away, and with a casual wave of his hand, opened a space crack. In the blink of an eye, he and Wynn had walked into it and appeared beside Zen.

"This Evolution Lotus Flower... It is blooming!" Master Feng's face was filled with astonishment.

Wynn, on the other hand, was calm. "The Evolution Godly Way is ranked at the 13th place, a high place among the three thousand Godly Ways in the divine land. But very few people cultivate this Godly Way. There are countless True Gods in the vast divine land. But there have only been fewer than a hundred people who have cultivated the Evolution Godly Way since the ancient times until now. Do you know why?"

Master Feng didn't have a great understanding of the divine land. The information he had obtained so far came from both Wynn and his own blood. Now that he had heard the story of the Evolution Lotus Flower, he asked, "Why?"

"The chaos is an entirety. You have heard of the Evolutionary Fifty, right? It originated in ancient times," Wynn said.

Master Feng knew what the Evolutionary Fifty meant and carried a Heavenly Destiny, but he did not know the logic behind it. His head spun as he listened to Wynn's explanation. "I wonder what sort of a relationship your words have with the number of people cultivating the Evolution Godly Way."

Wynn laughed and replied, "This is because this Godly Way is an attempt to generalize the entire chaos, which is the entire space outside of the divine land."

"The entire chaos..." Master Feng's eyes lit up as his thoughts drifted.

As far as mortals were concerned, the great world was already vast enough a

. Which was why he was still confused by what he saw.

But Zen instinctively understood that whatever was happening before him must be related to his father's arrangements. And he would gladly accept it, no matter what happened.

The faint light surrounding the stamen was like a firefly the size of a grain of rice. It circled around the lotus petals and sprinkled down towards Zen, enveloping him in a drizzle.

Zen felt a gentle force on his face, blowing against his cheek.

This feeling of laziness tired him out a little. His eyelids felt like they weighed a thousand pounds and they then closed. It was not long before he entered dreamland.

"Of the Evolutionary Fifty, only forty-nine are useful. Of the Evolutionary Fifty, separate one into two. One is variable, and the other one is definite!"

a grave voice echoed.

'I've heard those words before.' Zen still had clear thoughts as if he was conscious, even though he was still dreaming.

Irene had said this back in the Illusion Battlefield, but no one, including Zen, had been able to figure out the meaning of this phrase.

"The Evolution Godly Way is the origin of counting-"

The grave voice continued to speak. Zen did not understand these words and could only engrave them into his heart, one word at a time.

It was a while before the voice finally stopped. Zen's heart was suddenly filled with clarity and he discovered that he now seemed to have a profound understanding of the Evolution Godly Way.

This wasn't an epiphany on Zen's part, but a natural epiphany that followed the grave voice.

Only now did Zen understand his father's painstaking arrangements.

This was the legacy his father had left him.

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