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   Chapter 2106 Replacement

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Zen completely forgot about himself with this slash.

To him, everything in the world was moving away from him. Nothing seemed constant. He felt some sort of distance with everything around.

Only the sword intent remained.

It was a cruel strike that even he had forgotten about himself.

As his sword flashed out, a light appeared out of it.

Zen stood rooted to the spot.

If he were to face the enemy head on, he would be easily defeated because of the obvious reason that he couldn't even move a limb in this motionless state.

Such was the essence of the Emotion Closing Godly Way. The Ripping Consciousness was a deciding factor of life and death.


The sword that Zen thrust towards the sky did not have much impact. But the two-inch-wide sword light shot straight into the sky, advancing at an extremely fast speed into the depths of the universe.

Soon, the small white sword light pierced through the first star, leaving a gaping two-inch-wide hole in between.

For a star that was tens of thousands of miles in diameter, a two-inch-wide hole hardly made a dent. The star did not even tremble, as if it did not feel anything.

However, not long after the sword light left the star, it slowly began to sway. The slight sway created countless ripples across its surface.

There were quite a few Spirit Transformation Realm martial artists cultivating on this star. They were all confused about the sudden movement of the star. Quickly they transformed themselves into light beams and vanished.


As soon as they vanished, the star shuddered and slowly began to collapse.

But the stream of light didn't stop after piercing through the star and continued to move up. However, no one in the universe noticed its existence and the flurry of activities it created. After all, this tiny bit of sword light was insignificant compared to the humongous universe.

However, the amount of power that was packed into this little light was unimaginable.

The light kept piercing through various stars. Despite its increasing ascend, its power and brightness did not dim at all. Finally it pierced through the Sighing Wall.

Rocher's sword had left a huge gap that was 1, 000 feet deep on the Sighing Wall. However, Zen's sword was much sharper and more penetrating. It went as deep as 30, 000 feet into the Sighing Wall.

When the ray of sword light finally disappeared, Zen's consciousness gradually returned. Although he was still recovering from the haze, he could slowly move himself around.

His eyes became sharp and shone with intelligence. The corner of his mouth curled up slightly, and a look of satisfaction appeared on his face. After comprehending the Ripping Consciousness, he had a deeper understanding of the Emotion Closing Godly Way.


Suddenly, the mountain wall that was looming ahead of him collapsed. In a blink of an eye, the giant structure was reduced to a heap.

Zen hardly lifted a finger to do this feat. The golden light that emi

be destroyed just like that!

Hearing these words, Master Feng was extremely surprised. Through his experience, he knew and understood a lot of people. Although he felt that Zen was definitely different, he didn't expect that Wynn would give such a bizarre evaluation.

"Look! There's movement!" Master Feng's eyes flashed.

The Lotus Flower floating above Zen's head suddenly began to spin at a furious speed.

Zen's gaze was fixed on that Lotus Flower. His gaze was becoming intensely bright, as if there were two flames burning fiercely at the same time.


"Eh? What's going on?"

At that moment, the Evolution Lotus Flower that was originally controlled by Master Feng had escaped from his control. It suddenly condensed and flew towards Zen.

Master Feng wanted to chant an incantation to bring the Evolution Lotus Flower back, but he was stopped by Wynn. "Don't interfere. This is my master's arrangement. Let us not disrupt it."


It was astonishing to witness the speed of that Evolution Lotus Flower. It only took a matter of seconds for it to fly millions of miles away. Soon, it arrived above Zen's head.

"A second Lotus Flower? How is that even possible?!"

Zen was dumbfounded when he saw the Evolution Lotus Flower fly over. "This flower is the one controlled by Master Feng! How did it escape then?"

The Evolution Lotus Flower that Master Feng controlled, was slightly different from the Lotus Flowers that floated above the heads of ordinary warriors. For example, the Lotus Flower above Zen's head was pinkish white, while the Evolution Lotus Flower of Master Feng was deep red. Apart from that, there were many other details that separated it from the rest. For example, the Evolution Lotus Flower of Master Feng had always been a bud and never produced petals.

The Evolution Lotus Flower suddenly leapt above Zen's head and overlapped with the Lotus Flower that Zen had previously possessed, eventually replacing it and forming into one Lotus Flower.

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