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   Chapter 2105 Ripping Consciousness

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The Emperor Soul Imprint was initially a method used by Holy Jay to cultivate his soul. Such a method of cultivation was extremely powerful.

When the soul's power was released, the Emperor Soul Imprint could release a pressure that could dominate other people.

The powerful pressure released by the Emperor Soul Imprint was even stronger than the Great Dominance Technique. Even if the opponent was stronger than the user, the user could simply disrupt the opponent's mind. If the opponent's strength was on par with the user's, then the user could suppress their opponent. Ultimately, if the user was stronger than their opponent, then they could directly make the opponent yield without any combat. The warrior who practiced the Emperor Soul Imprint could achieve victory without the need for a physical battle.

However, that particular kind of aura didn't match with Zen's personality. After all, he wasn't a particularly insolent person. He never wanted to look down on people, especially innocent ones.

Nevertheless, for achieving the Gold Fighting Soul in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, Zen had no other choice. He had already entered the Mind Refining Tower. After all, the soul cultivation method given by Holy Jay was the only method for him to improve his soul.

Zen's consciousness continuously observed the soul in his mind. The small swords and the Emperor Soul Imprints interacted with each other. Suddenly, they released a golden light. The strange events made Zen curious about the changes that had occurred in his soul.

Wasn't that the Emotion Closing Pill he used was to help him comprehend the Emotion Closing Godly Way? How could it cause such a change to his soul? He wasn't aware of such side effects.

Curiosity enveloped Zen and made him want to do something.

As excitement got the better of him, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his head. His vision went black, and he almost fainted again.

At that moment, his soul was abnormally weak. Even though Wynn had personally nurtured Zen's soul, it would still not be possible for him to recover so quickly.

Wynn only had his soul left. However, his True God Soul was far more powerful than the souls of the Supreme Lords. Additionally, his methods were also many times more profound. He knew Zen's importance to Mike, so he naturally used his last bit of power to help him.

Although Zen's soul injuries were severe, with Wynn's help, it only took him almost a month to recover from his injuries.

The second day after his soul had fully recovered, Zen found a secluded valley. With a relaxed expression, he sat on a boulder within the valley and tightly closed his eyes.

Zen could not measure the power of the seven times refined pill. However, the Emotion Closing Pill had tortured him to death. Therefore, the little golden swords that it had left behind on his soul could not possibly be mere decorations.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Calmness enveloped Zen as he closed his eyes and entered a meditative state. Suddenly, the power in his soul also began to emerge.

The sound of peaceful birds also began to echo in the valley. Additionally, the tranquil blow of the wind through the grass around was also reflected in Zen's mind.

"Emperor Soul Imprint!"

Zen did not know how to activate the small golden

rd intent was only the size of a needle. However, it somewhat constantly shimmered around the tip of the sword.

"Condensing sword intent?"

Zen said coldly as he meticulously observed. At that moment, his emotions were completely gone. As such, he naturally didn't have much of an expression on his face. Under the influence of the Emotion Closing Godly Way, both of Zen's negative and positive emotions had dissipated. Not a single sentiment could be felt by him.

Wuu! Wuu!

As the sword intent continued to condense, the silver light it emitted also became stronger. The light grew even brighter as time went by.

It was as if a star had formed on the tip of the ordinary long sword. A brilliant light glimmered at the pointy end.

"It's still not enough. To step into the Emotion Closing Godly Way, one has to let go of all their emotions… Those small golden swords did indeed cut off my grief, my happiness, and other emotions. However, I'm not really leaving everything behind," Zen muttered as he stared at the silver light emitted by the sword intent.

At that moment, Zen's heart continuously pounded at a fast pace. He suddenly thought of something and raised his eyebrows. "I finally understand," he said with a cold tone and a blank expression. "Even if I have cut off all my emotions, I still have my own consciousness!

So the ultimate comprehension into the Emotion Closing Godly Way should be…"

At that moment, the small golden swords on the surface of Zen's soul moved even faster.

As they continued to rotate, golden sword light shot out from Zen's eyes. It even seemed like Zen's pupils turned into brilliant stars.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The sword light that was only emitted from his eyes had directly penetrated the mountains within the valley. All that was left was a thin line of sword marks. The destruction it caused was catastrophic.

That was the power of Zen's gaze.

"It is... Ripping Consciousness!"

Zen's strike shot straight towards the sky.

The strike of his was the same as the strike of Rocher's. Both of their strikes were comparably powerful. However, Rocher's strike was intense and powerful, while Zen's strike was decisive and sharp.

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