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   Chapter 2104 Swallow The Pill

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Each Holy Being had their own style of raising the contractual beasts.

For instance, Holy Jay had thrown the Black Weasel into his inner world and made it sleep. Then, he used the Cross-world Theurgy to summon it whenever he needed its help.

However, different creatures grow in different ways.

There was the Genuine Dragon that belonged to a large race, which was completely different from the Black Weasel that grew up free on its own.

It was why Mike had created a place that served as a resting space for the Genuine Dragons when he constructed his inner world. In addition, he also used the place as the spirit beast bag.

From the Genuine Dragon race, many other related races had emerged as well, such as the Dragon Lineage Human race.

The Genuine Dragon was considered a kind of super legendary beast, but the strongest individuals were true spirits. A fully-grown, adult Ancestral Dragon could be considered a true spirit.

Now, the powerful warriors of the Evolutionary Universe had entered the Genuine Dragon World along with Zen, which quickly caused a huge uproar.

The mystery of the nine dragons at that time was a huge mystery to ordinary living beings, but the Genuine Dragons were already aware of the conspiracy. That conspiracy had been arranged by a Five-clawed Black Dragon from the Genuine Dragon World.

Back then, it was thanks to Murphy's help that the Five-clawed Black Dragon had managed to kill the Five-clawed Golden Dragon and his eight brothers.

However, the Genuine Dragon World didn't directly intervene in the war between the two universes and instead, simply paid close attention to whoever won or lost. Of course, the Five-clawed Black Dragon hoped that the Sacred race would win. The Genuine Dragons were just the contractual beasts of the Holy Being, and they weren't born in the universe. Thus, the contracts that had been signed in the past would lose their effectivity when the Evolutionary Universe was destroyed and Mike died. The Five-clawed Black Dragon became free and was then able to travel to the divine land.

The Five-clawed Black Dragon thought that it was a pity that the final outcome of the war was way worse than he had expected. When he learned that the Sacred race had been defeated, he realized that the real trouble was yet to come.

But since he was a contractual beast, he couldn't leave the Genuine Dragon World without Mike's permission. There was nowhere to flee, so the dragon could only gather other race members to guard the area with their lives on the line.

The cyan dragon had created the most powerful array in the Genuine Dragon World. Moreover, there were even three top-rank Supreme Lords including Supreme Lord of Oracle, Supreme Lord of Original Sin, and the head of the Celestial Position race among the dozen or so Supreme Lords who went with them. Furthermore, they were also accompanied by the newly advanced True God, Rocher, and the Ancestral Dragon.

It was no doubt that such a powerful force was capable enough to start a universal war.


raculous view.

Even though Xenia had yet to condense the Godly Tile, she had probably made a considerable breakthrough. Perhaps she would be the second Godly Genius to become a True God, only second to Rocher.

However, Zen was not truly a Godly Genius as his Lotus Flower had yet to fully bloom.

It wasn't that Zen was inferior to the other Godly Geniuses because he didn't have great talents and a solid foundation. The reason he couldn't make a breakthrough was most likely related to his inner world.

After all, the other Godly Geniuses all cultivated life vitality, and Zen's chaotic energy was fundamentally different from the life vitality. Therefore, no one could guide him in his path of cultivation—he could only rely on his own comprehension.

Helpless, Zen could only use the Emotion Closing Pill to break through the Godly Genius' shackles.

The moment Zen had swallowed the Emotion Closing Pill, he immediately felt a strong presence rush into his mind!

The facts proved that Saul's warning was right. Since the Emotion Closing Pill was a seven times refined pill, it was a spiritual object itself. When Zen had got it a few years ago, it had actually quietly condensed its own consciousness.

What happened was, the pill actually wanted to possess Zen's body shell!

Fortunately, Zen's Gold Fighting Soul was extremely tough and with the Emperor Soul Imprint in his soul, he was able to release a strong soul pressure to gradually suppress the Emotion Closing Pill's consciousness.

Then again, the dangers of the soul battle weren't any less than the dangers he had faced before.

It was because of that very battle that Zen had been unconscious for nearly half a month and had only woken up again slowly with the help of the Celestial Position race.

When Zen had just regained his consciousness, his soul was still quite weak. However, he discovered that his soul had more imprints. Upon closer look, he saw that there were small, pale golden swords in the center of the Emperor Soul Imprints!

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