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   Chapter 2103 Rocher Became A True God

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Margaret lay down on a rocking chair in a side hall. She was dressed in a bright red wedding gown with matching embroidered shoes and heavy make-up.

There was a smirk on her face. Her gown had been made of blood silk, the kind that, when peeled off cocoons and thrown into the air, would not fall to the ground even after several years. It was extremely light and was considered a top-level material for making chain-type weapons. Any treasure made from this material would definitely be listed on the Universe Spirit Tablet.

Such a coveted material was made into a gown Margaret was only going to wear once.

Each woman's pursuit of marriage was different. Lavender never cared for a title and couldn't understand Margaret's desire for such a grand wedding ceremony. Aura, meanwhile, was content in quietly staying by Zen's side to pray for his safety. So long as Zen reached his goals then she would be happy, and even if he failed, she would not regret.

It was mostly Letitia and Margaret who often argued with regards to the title of being Zen's wife back in the Lower World. The matter had already been decided long ago and there was no more conflict between them, however, Letitia couldn't help but still feel a bit jealous. Her sadness might not be that obvious to outsiders but Geoffrey knew his own mother well enough to notice her strange temper. However, he didn't know why her mother was unhappy.

Not long after, several rays of light shot towards the sky and blossomed into numerous fireworks that illuminated the entire Breaking Cloud World.

It seemed that the wedding ceremony was going according to plan.

Just as it was beginning, an extremely sharp aura suddenly surged out from the depths of the Breaking Cloud World.


A white beam of sword radiance suddenly pierced through the sky, hitting a star that was at least three hundred million miles away.

The sword radiance did not weaken at all despite hitting the star and continued to rise instead until it reached the dome of the Evolutionary Universe. It was only after it cut into the Sighing Wall for about one thousand feet did it finally dissipate.

This dome had once been broken by Murphy. However, after being damaged, the Sighing Wall had the ability to gradually heal itself. It was very much like animal skin and a thick scar would be left behind where it was hit.

The guests, who were originally in a state of jubilation were quickly plunged into silence with the appearance of this sword intent.

There was n

Never mind that Rocher! The fact that you are able to break through and become a True God is the best gift of all!" Zen laughed.

The other Supreme Lords were also quick to give Rocher their congratulations.

Meanwhile, Margaret, who was still covered in her red bridal veil, pouted in displeasure. She didn't care whether or not Rocher broke through. All that mattered to her now was that he had obviously upstaged her grand wedding day!

As she sulked, someone from the crowd shouted, "Good! Two happy events in one day! How wonderful!" Somehow, that made Margaret feel a bit better.

Rocher soon took his seat and the wedding ceremony continued.

Half a month after the wedding ceremony ended, Thirteen Supreme Lords of the Evolutionary Universe, together with Rocher who had just recently become a True God, Zen, the Ancestral Dragon, and the nine Genuine Dragons all entered the Genuine Dragon World.

The Genuine Dragon World was not a world within the Evolutionary Universe. Rather, it was an independent Supreme World quite similar to the Purple Power World, only many times larger. The sounds from the Roaring Tokens also could not reach here.

Basically, the Genuine Dragon World was Mike's gigantic spirit beast bag.

When the nine Genuine Dragons' physical bodies were destroyed, they escaped by attaching their souls to the furnace. Murphy had already planned this early on, just like how he planned for the sorcerer race's invasion.

However, Mike was able to turn the tables against him and used the nine dragons to lead Zen to the path of martial arts.

Now that the Sacred race had been defeated, it was now time to clear the Genuine Dragon World.

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