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   Chapter 2102 Special Guests

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The wedding of Zen and Margaret had been the liveliest day in the entire Evolutionary Universe!

The existence of Roaring Tokens had already become a part of the tradition in expressing one's blessing.

This was also known as the most extravagant method of conveying good wishes for a celebration. After all, all the other Roaring Tokens were disposable compared to Zen's Roaring Token.

But on this auspicious day, the wishes and greetings for the husband and wife echoed throughout the universe.

"Today is the wedding day of Zen and Margaret. I, Leandro, on behalf of the Western Spirit Sacred Place wish you a long and happy marriage…"

"We wish you a wonderful beginning, and love to last for a lifetime. May the coming years fill your lives with love and happiness! This is the blessing from Dragon Dust Sacred Place for Zen and Margaret…"

"Bless them as unmovable and eternal, and may their lives flourish like luxuriant trees! We wish for the bride and groom, together with the heaven and earth, the sun and the moon, to continue to give out light and radiance.…"

Waves of congratulations resounded all through the Evolutionary Universe.

Servants in formal attire busily moved around with their own tasks in the grand hall. The grand hall was situated at the foot of the Breaking Cloud Mountain. Thousands of musicians were drumming in unity as melodious sounds of joyous music continuously wafted about.

The Supreme Lords were mostly humble, keeping a low profile. The wealth and glory which mortals desired were things that weren't new to them. They had already experienced such grandeur though it didn't stop them from enjoying the celebration.

It was a fulfillment of promise. Zen never thought that it would be such a sumptuous wedding ceremony. As Margaret only wished for a more extravagant wedding, he could only accept and cooperate with the preparation. The ceremony had been arranged by the Celestial Position.

"Grandpa, this way!"

The person who spoke was the talent of the Ethereal Spirit Sect in the Central Region, Brent.

Brent looked different compared to the young and inexperienced him back then. He had already entered the Life and Death Realm, and became the mainstay of the Ethereal Spirit Sect. This time, he appeared more mature as he led Xander towards the entrance of the hall.

With the powerful means of the Celestial Position, it wouldn't be difficult for them to usher the people from the Central Region to the Upper World.

Brent was very curious about everything that was going on around him as it was the first time he had stepped into the Upper World, "Powerful Soul Sea Realm warriors! There are so many of them. And they are only guarding the entrance?"

Astonishment was shown on his face. On either side of the hall, standing in a row were three hundred warriors in golden armors, and all of them were at the Soul Sea Realm. If any one of them were placed in the Lower World, they would be titled as war kings or war emperors. However at this moment, they were just placed as guards in this place.

Even though Xander was

time, there are too many guests that sometimes there are some unavoidable omissions. I hope you Xi Clan can forgive us!"

Witnessing Supreme Lord Mirage's attitude, the world lords around were all stunned. Supreme Lord Mirage was actually being so courteous towards the two Life and Death Realm warriors. They couldn't believe their eyes!

What was the Xi Clan?

They had heard of the Xuanyuan Clan. the Ji Clan where Lucille came from, and another Ji Clan where Janet came from. But they never heard of the Xi Clan.

Some people though were quick to analyze things. Wasn't it that the woman Zen would marry today had a surname Xi? These two were the guests from the bride's family!

After expressing his apology, Supreme Lord Mirage reached out his hand and grabbed the rude martial artist. He copied what the martial artist had done moments ago and actually used the Grand Teleportation to throw him into the space crack. It was just that the distance Supreme Lord Mirage's Grand Teleportation covered would be countless times greater than what the warrior could achieve. He had directly thrown the martial artist out of the Breaking Cloud World.

Brent and Xander were then led to sit at the very front of the square together with the group of Supreme Lords.

Brent went completely obedient after being seated. Although he was filled with curiosity about his surroundings, he still felt great pressure from the aura faintly emitted by the Supreme Lords.

Not long after, he finally figured out what the ten pillars were used for.

A series of thunderous dragon roars soon bellowed from the sky as ten dragons hovered in the sky.

The nine Genuine Dragons were once capable of transforming into human shapes, but having Heavenly Bodies made it difficult for them to transform into other forms. The Ancestral Dragon, although had gained intelligence but was still unable to transform into other forms, so it could only maintain its original form.

The ten dragons roared and coiled themselves around the pillars with their own different gestures.

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