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   Chapter 2101 Wedding (Part Two)

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Before his voice had even faded, a figure floated out from the space crack. Supreme Lord of Original Sin gawked. It was Nathan himself.

But compared to what he looked before, Nathan looked rather weak when he appeared from the space crack. His face was pale, and he did not have the slightest bit of vitality. But when Margaret was revived by the Heavenly Destiny of Revival, she was lively and full of energy.

"Father." Nathan bowed and also became excited when he saw Supreme Lord of Original Sin. Just like Margaret, he had thought that he would be dead already. Despair and hopelessness enveloped him as he never thought that he would see the sun again.

"There is no need to greet right now! You silly boy. It is good to see that you are alive!" Supreme Lord of Original Sin stepped forward and hugged Nathan. In the entire Xuanyuan Clan, he had treated Nathan with the most care. At first, Supreme Lord of Original Sin no longer held any hope to Nathan's revival. However, now that Nathan was healed, Supreme Lord of Original Sin felt comforted and let out a grateful sigh.

Because Nathan had been killed by Maha, he wasn't aware of any of the conflicts in the universe. But after he heard some details from Supreme Lord Lester, his look at that time towards Zen was completely different.

Previously, Nathan had gradually been convinced that Zen was his equal and treated him as a friend. However, after the events, Nathan was utterly in awe of Zen.

As far as the other Godly Geniuses were concerned, no one was qualified to participate in the battle between the Supreme Lords. Rocher continued to cultivate arduously, while Lucille and Lawson hid. The other Godly Geniuses were also in closed-door training. Each of them planned to improve their strengths before they engaged

me Lord, namely Supreme Lord of Thunder Punishment, but the other four Supreme Lords also perished at the same time. There was no remaining Supreme Lord in the Blessed Buddha Land after the war. Their defenses were weakened to a pathetic level.

In the past, when such things happened, the other forces would be ready to make a move and try their best to divide up the Blessed Buddha Land. However, after the recent crisis, the different races had shown more mercy. All of them had a new appreciation for the lives of other creatures and started to cherish peace more.

A year later, the Celestial Position race spread out their invitation letters and invited all the Supreme Lords in the Evolutionary Universe to gather in the Breaking Cloud Sacred Place. Additionally, there were also grand world lords of various races and Saint Lords of different sacred places who also went to the supreme world of the Celestial Position race. Countless gifts and tokens were brought by each visitor. It was because Zen had kept his promise to marry Margaret. As such, a marvelous wedding was celebrated, and Margaret's dream had finally come true. After this wedding, he would officially be Zen's wife.

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