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   Chapter 2100 Wedding (Part One)

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Margaret was afraid of the woman in front of her. However, after she saw the woman's actions, Margaret felt like the woman coveted something that belonged to her. With a pout on her lips, she craned her head to peer from behind Zen's back. A vicious expression was displayed in Margaret's face as she glared at the blue-clothed woman.

After she planted that petal, Estelle seemed to have lost her interest with Margaret. Estelle decided to stop her pranks against the pitiful lady. She said to Zen indifferently, "I can't leave the Evolutionary Universe now. Why don't you let me return to that fairy palace?"

Estelle had had to block Murphy's strike, for which she had exposed herself.

Those Holy Beings didn't dare to enter the Evolutionary Universe directly. However, if she left through the crack at the top of the Evolutionary Universe, it would lead to endless trouble. She would be in a bad situation.

Once she returned to the fairy palace, Estelle would be able to leave through the Swirl Forest.

Naturally, Zen would agree to this request of Estelle. However, he still asked doubtfully, "But the enchanted barrier around my fairy palace has yet to be opened. Are you able to pass through that enchanted barrier?" Zen even raised an eyebrow as he asked his question.

The entire fairy palace was covered in a special enchanted barrier. Although Zen had already obtained seven tokens, he still had one more to get from the True Path. He had yet attained complete control of the fairy palace. As such, he couldn't remove the enchanted barrier.

Moreover, Zen's current cultivation wasn't at the level of a Godly Genius. He could still improve his strength. As for the Swirl Forest, where the fairy palace was located, it was indeed somewhere in the divine land.

Once that enchanted barrier was removed,

aze on Lavender, "Hey! Aren't you angry?"

Lavender did not pay any attention to Margaret. She callously rolled her eyes, then turned her body to the other side and didn't even give Margaret a single look.

However, Margaret was persistent. She continued to ask with a bold tone, "You must be jealous, why don't you show it?! You should express your thoughts more freely. It's not good for a woman to hold back her emotions."

As she was continuously nagged by Margaret, Lavender became utterly helpless. With her personality, she would probably directly attack if it was another person that annoyed her.

As he watched Lavender's expression grew more and more impatient, Zen could only forcefully drag Margaret to another side.

Supreme Lord of Original Sin saw Margaret was safely sent back by Supreme Lord Lester with mixed feelings. Certainly, he knew that Supreme Lord Lester was continuously using all his strength to revive Nathan. He was naturally somewhat nervous, but he could not go and disturb him. Right at that moment, another space crack appeared, and Supreme Lord Lester walked out of the space crack.

The eyes of Supreme Lord of Original Sin flickered as he asked nervously, "Is Nathan…"

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