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   Chapter 2099 The Bicker

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All of the remaining Supreme Lords of the Sacred race had perished. This meant none other than the end of the universal war.

To the Evolutionary Universe, this war was still a massive calamity.

Countless supreme worlds had been shattered; countless kingdoms had been destroyed and it was hard to even estimate the number of warriors that had been killed.

All the same though, like the aftermath of a forest fire, destruction also meant rebirth.

Here, in the Evolutionary Universe, there were only thirty-odd remaining Supreme Lords across all the land. In other words, there were over ninety current vacancies for Supreme Lords!

It was true that quite a high number of Evolutionary Universe's world lords had lost their lives in the battle, but the overall number of world lords was still good. The remaining two hundred thousand world lords would strive to fight for the Supreme Lord position.

That said, fighting for a position as a Supreme Lord was far from easy. After all, bearing the Crown of Destiny required time, and the Supreme Lords within the Evolutionary Universe weren't yet completely dead. In fact, it was highly plausible that the distribution of over ninety Crowns of Destiny was still controlled by the remaining thirty-odd Supreme Lords!

Due to the Sacred race invasion, all present Supreme Lords had dropped their prejudices. When it came to the interests of their own race though, the chances of conflict lingering between them were still great.

Given the fact that these Supreme Lords had passed through such a disastrous event together, the distribution of the Crowns of Destiny should no longer resort to force. It was now more likely than ever that it would be resolved through negotiation.

It wasn't long before Master Feng used the Roaring Token in order to announce the victory to the entire universe.

When Master Feng's voice echoed throughout the universe, the Evolution Lotus Flower became heavy once again. The "momentum" contained within the voice had more than doubled. All the intelligent creatures in the Evolutionary Universe began to celebrate.

Joy pervaded every mortal royal court, every temple, street, countless sacred places and divine kingdoms...

Not only were the intelligent beings affected by the atmosphere, but so were a few of the savage beasts, rare insects and plants. Heck, even the regular mountains and rivers seemed to be exuding a refreshing aura. This victory belonged to the entire universe, and this world was alive and thriving!

As Zen lay on a supreme world fragment, a sense of relief washed over him.

In order to survive this universal crisis, he had been extremely busy for dozens of years. Fortunately though, the result wasn't half bad at all.

Although Zen also understood that this was the end for everyone in the Evolutionary Universe, he knew his life was truly about to begin.

Now, he had to jump out of this universe and face the real enemy.

Speaking of which, he wasn't the only one who needed to jump out of the universe. The other Godly Geniuses were actually obliged to make

-clothed woman. However, once they reached the Soul Sea Realm, it was quite easy to change their appearances, which then became unimportant. Despite that, this woman's temperament made all the present Supreme Lords flip out. Even Supreme Lord of Oracle, who was a woman, was no exception!

Estelle smiled faintly while taking two slow steps toward Margaret. Her brown eyes seemed to have countless souls circulating within them. She was the controller of the Soul Wilderness, and no one could surpass her study in soul throughout the whole of the divine land. With just a glance, she seemed to have the capacity to suck in Margaret's soul.

Before the blue-clothed woman, Margaret felt naked, completely exposed. Amidst her nervousness, she retreated behind Zen.

"Lady, Margaret is straightforward and outspoken. Please forgive her," Zen uttered, clasping his hands together.

Although he didn't know this mysterious blue-clothed woman at all, deep in his heart, Zen didn't feel as though she had any ill intentions toward him. He knew she wasn't a mean person overall, and this was just a small matter, so Zen wasn't very nervous.

"Never mind. I just have something I want to tell her," Estelle responded unexpectedly, with a cold smile on her face. "So what if I steal your man?"

As soon as these words were spoken, not only was Zen stunned, but the other Supreme Lords present were equally taken aback.

Even Blayd was dumbfounded at this reply. "She really is the number one extraordinary woman in all the divine land. She can say such words..."

"But... Your man is still a little too inexperienced," Estelle uttered lightly. "Now, I don't have much interest in him, but who knows if my interest will change in the future."

After that, she lightly swiped her pinky across Zen's forehead where the wound had nearly completely healed, leaving only a small cut. With her touch, the cut quickly disappeared.

Everything happened so quickly that even Zen himself hadn't noticed that a tiny petal had quietly been planted inside the wound.

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