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   Chapter 2098 Comprehension

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Although the power of the sword light that was only a few inches long was not great, the sword light was still exceptionally sharp when activated by the Mantra Sword and used by a Holy Being.

It actually cut open the space between Zen's eyebrows, leaving a gaping wound three inches long on his forehead!


Golden blood gushed out freely from Zen's forehead...

The three-inch long sword light was just about to cut into Zen's bone and brain.

At the side, as Estelle extended her hand, a jade light flashed and blocked the sword light. Then, she waved one hand around the sword light, and a speck of jade light flowed out from her nimble fingers and formed a jade-colored ball of light, trapping the three-inch long sword light inside!

However, Lavender, who stayed close by, made a sad face. "You can obviously eliminate this sword light, but why did you leave behind this section of light and let it injure Zen?"

Although Zen was injured, this wound was clearly not a major injury. However, Lavender still felt sorry for him.

After Estelle glanced at Lavender, she turned to say to Zen, "You are a sword cultivator, and the sword intent contained in Murphy's Mantra Godly Way is also extremely powerful. This sword strike landed on your forehead, allowing you to comprehend the true intent of the swordsmanship. The extent of your comprehension will depend on your own ability."

If a Holy Being were to make a move, it would send shock waves throughout the entire world. Perhaps no one would be able to survive the Holy Being's sword attack.

On top of that, Murphy launched the sword strike with his full strength this time!

However, Estelle decided upon an artful method to resolve it. She even left the three-inch long sword light for Zen to understand.

When Zen heard what Estelle said, his heart missed a beat. He hadn't progressed in his comprehension of the swordsmanship for a long time, nor had he even been able to progress on the Emotion Closing Godly Way. This was one of Zen's bottlenecks!

With a flick of Estelle's finger, the ball of light floated to a position in front of Zen.

Just now, when Zen's forehead was cut open, what followed was not an ice-cold sword intent, but an extremely gentle sword intent.

The sword intent that Zen had comprehended before had been extremely sharp and fierce, and Zen had cultivated the Emotion Closing Godly Way, which pursued the ultimate sharpness. Therefore, the Emotion Closing Godly Way required one to put aside all their emotions and to possess an undisturbed heart. Only in this way were they able to launch the most powerful sword strike!

As for Murphy's swordsmanship, it was completely different from any ordinary swordsmanship. It was in e

kles were placed on them.

The last wave of attacks from the Sacred Supreme Lords were directed straight at Zen. Unfortunately for them, just as they executed the Grand Teleportation technique, they were blocked by Master Feng and the others. After that, Blayd activated his fighting intent and joined the fray. In this situation, the Sacred Supreme Lords were at a distinct disadvantage.

As the heavens of the Murphy Universe continued to shake, all of the remaining Supreme Lords fell to the ground and died.

The shock of the heavens was originally transmitted only through the Heavenly Destiny, and was only detected by the Supreme Lords. When the Grand Supreme Lord died, Blayd also smashed the spinulose wood fern to pieces!

Although the Heavens-suppressing Object that the Grand Supreme Lord controlled was not the true form of the spinulose wood fern, it still had a great impact on the Murphy Universe. Under the crazy vibration of the heavens, all of the Sacred martial artists in the Murphy Universe could sense it.

From that point onwards, not one Supreme Lord remained in the Murphy Universe.

However, the loss of the Supreme Lords of the Murphy Universe wasn't a major blow to Murphy. After dissipating, the Heavenly Destiny would automatically return to the heavens and appear again in some form in the Murphy Universe.

For example, the Heavenly Destiny in the Evolutionary Universe took the form of the Crown of Destiny, and the Heavenly Destiny in the Murphy Universe would appear in some corner of the universe in the form of the Heavenly Destiny seed.

However, the entire Sacred race's force had been stable for countless years. With the retraction of the Heavenly Destiny, the Sacred race could start to experience intense internal strife and upheaval. That wasn't what Murphy wanted to see...

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