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   Chapter 2097 Estelle Shi

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The moment the blue-clothed woman appeared, another commotion broke out in the dense fog deep within the divine land.

These Holy Beings were the strongest existences within the divine land. They had lived for hundreds of thousands of years and were rarely surprised by anything. But now, every Holy Being in the Hall of Holy Beings were utterly dumbfounded. As they gasped, their voices were full of great surprise, as if the appearance of this woman in the Evolutionary Universe was inconceivable.

"This woman… Isn't she Estelle Shi?!"

"This is unbelievable! Estelle is actually still alive!"

"Why would she appear in the Evolutionary Universe? Didn't she disappear after she took over the Soul Wilderness? Holy Zakaria even went into the depths of the Soul Wilderness to search for her. Not only did he find nothing, but his life vitality weakened considerably once he came out of the Soul Wilderness!"

This blue-clothed girl was named Estelle Shi, a legendary figure in the divine land.

She was also the only True God that had stepped into the depths of the Soul Wilderness and taken control of it. Ruling the Soul Wilderness was an unimaginable feat, even for a Holy Being. But Estelle Shi had done it, which was why it was not an exaggeration for Estelle Shi to be called the number one woman in the divine land.

The woman had also attracted the attention of some Holy Beings. One of them was Zakaria Jian, who was also known as Holy Zakaria.

In the past, Estelle Shi had hidden in the Soul Wilderness where even Holy Beings couldn't enter easily. Holy Zakaria had searched for her in the Soul Wilderness several times but to no avail. What was worse, he had encountered a lot of troubles in the Soul Wilderness and as a result, his life vitality had depleted greatly. He had to return to the Hall of Holy Beings to recuperate for two divine eras before recovering completely. There were some forbidden places in the divine land that even Holy Beings could not recklessly break into.

A few other Holy Beings were also searching for this woman. She had something to do with a very important secret of the Soul Wilderness.

Several divine eras ago, Estelle Shi had suddenly disappeared from the divine land. Even Holy Beings had failed to find her.

There had been rumors that Estelle Shi had escaped from the divine land and stepped into the endless chaos outside it. There were also rumors that she had died.

These rumors had been circulating for many years, but they gradually faded away with the passage of time.

It was only when some True Gods roamed the Soul Wilderness that they would occasionally mention the woman who once controlled the Soul Wilderness. After all, before her, not even a Holy Being had been able to control the Soul Wilderness.


the dome of the Evolutionary Universe.

"I'm sorry, Holy Murphy. I didn't mean to make things difficult for you. I was enslaved and controlled by Zen," she said.

Murphy obviously couldn't hear her. If he could, he would be furious.

The next moment, a sea of flowers surrounded the woman.

As she made a gesture in which her fingers were shaped like an orchid and waved her hands, the petals began to dance in the air. They formed into a tornado of petals that faced Murphy's sword slash.

The power behind Murphy's strike was no joke. Anyone who touched the sword radiance would be destroyed instantly.

The same was true for the beautiful petals. The moment the soft petals touched the sword radiance, they disappeared without a trace.

However, the petals left dark spots the size of a copper coin on the wide sword radiance.

Each petal could leave a dark spot, and such a large number of petals were like a rain of petals rushing towards the sword radiance. The sword radiance had eliminated the petals, but the petals were also eroding the sword radiance.

As the two strong powers clashed, the petals scattered, and the gigantic sword radiance began to shrink rapidly like a piece of ice in summer.

The ray of sword radiance had an astonishing momentum.

When it was a million miles away from Zen, there was only half the sword radiance left.

When it was 300, 000 miles away, more than half of it had been eroded by the petals, leaving only a third of the original.

When the sword radiance was 100, 000 miles away, it was only one-tenth of what it originally had been.

And when it finally landed in front of Zen, the petals had already wrapped around Zen. At this moment, the sword radiance was only a 100 millionth of the original and the size of a finger. Its power was negligible!

But it still landed on Zen's forehead.

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