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   Chapter 2096 Holy Being's Sword Strike (Part Two)

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 5811

Updated: 2019-12-27 00:12

It was a cross-shaped sword light!

The cross-shaped sword light seemed to possess the power to destroy the worlds. Without any delay, the sword light hacked down towards Zen from above!

Along the way, the sword light collided with many stars...

However, as soon as the sword light touched the stars, they would be completely destroyed. Without any exception, the stars were obliterated by the sword light.

"This is..."

After he looked at the ray of sword light, the head of the Celestial Position race took a deep breath.

"This is troublesome. A Holy Being has finally taken action," Blayd said as he frowned. Distress was apparent in his eyes. Additionally, he also once again made a guess at what had really happened.

Once a war between two universes began, it was almost impossible for Holy Beings in the two universes to meddle in the war. The stone slab with the rules recorded on it was not just for show. The rules were supposed to be followed by everyone in the divine land, even the Holy Beings. Once the rules were broken, even a Holy Being would be punished and pay a heavy price.

Blayd had also heard of the feud between Murphy and Mike. Even if these two Holy Beings were mortal enemies, there was no need for Murphy to be in such a rush. However, Murphy badly desired Zen's death, and even the terror from the punishment of the stone slab was not enough to discourage him.

The punishment must be considered dangerous and risky to his own life...

Since Murphy willingly accepted the punishment of the stone slab in order to kill Zen, then there must be a hidden reason behind his actions.

"Does the Holy Being really make a move?"

"Everyone, run away!"

"Where should we go? Can we even esca

mstance has forced me to do this..."

A faint voice suddenly sounded out in the ears of all the Supreme Lords. The voice contained a mysterious quality that left an impression they could never forget for the rest of their lives!

Suddenly, the woman in blue clothes appeared in front of Zen. A beautiful face partnered by a slim figure made the woman irresistibly gorgeous. She looked at Zen with a resentful expression. "Why did you ask me for help before? Why don't you ask for help now? Are you afraid that I cannot withstand the Holy Being's sword strike?"

Zen stared at the woman in blue and smiled faintly. Afterward, he showed a callous expression and replied honestly, "Yes!"

"You just underestimate me too much." The woman in blue shook her head. A pout was seen in her delicate lips. She then looked towards the sky. "I am not a match for the Holy Being, but it shouldn't be difficult for me to block this sword strike..."

After they saw her appear suddenly, all of the Supreme Lords were shocked once more. They couldn't believe that she would attempt to block the Holy Being's sword strike! Wasn't the woman in blue way too arrogant?

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