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   Chapter 2095 Holy Being's Sword Strike (Part One)

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 6140

Updated: 2019-12-27 00:02

The Grand Supreme Lord of the Sacred race and other Sacred Supreme Lords were all shocked and upset. Displeased expressions were revealed in their faces.

The dozen or so Sacred Supreme Lords stood there still like blocks of wood. All of their minds were in chaos.

The head of the Celestial Position race, Master Feng, stood formidably on the Evolution Lotus Flower. The Evolution Lotus Flower continued to spin around and floated towards the Grand Supreme Lord of the Sacred race. The eyes of the head of the Celestial Position race flickered as he looked at the Grand Supreme Lord. He then asked with an arrogant tone, "Are you guys going to kill yourselves here, or are you trying to struggle in vain?"

The Grand Supreme Lord lifted his head and looked at the head of the Celestial Position race with a complicated expression in his eyes. Despair seemed to have enveloped him. Meanwhile, the spinulose wood fern behind him was already dark and without light. As the Grand Supreme Lord of the Sacred race, his best course of action was to let everyone escape back to the Murphy Universe. However, would they be able to survive such a miserable situation?

Suddenly, a strange sound rang out.

The mysterious sound echoed throughout the area.

"Pop, pop, pop..."

The sound was like that made by a woodpecker when it continuously knocked against a hollow tree.

It seemed like the noise came from all directions. Everyone present could hear it clearly. However, they could not find the source of the sound!

"Pop, pop, pop..."

The sound continued to reverberate...

Soon, both Zen and Lavender raised their heads and looked up at the same time.

All of the Supreme Lords present at the area also looked up. Their eyes continued to search for the source of the noise...

The mysterious sound actually came from hi

ught that such a thing would be possible.

"Crack, crack, crack..."

The sound of the Sighing Wall breaking spread throughout the Evolutionary Universe. It was like the noise made by the keel of a massive ship when it was torn apart. Panic and confusion caused everyone's heart to palpitate.

As the sound continued, the crack on the dome relentlessly grew bigger for millions of miles.

The bright light of the Sighing Wall reflected off the crack. Countless mortals in the one hundred thousand supreme worlds discovered that a strange star appeared in the sky. The mysterious star was far larger than any ordinary star. Similar to a giant spider that lay with dangerous intentions, the star settled suspiciously in the sky...

Bang! A thunderous noise was heard by everyone.

As the entire Evolutionary Universe began to shake, a voice came out from the crack in the dome of the Evolutionary Universe. Everything shook as the voice reverberated through the Evolutionary Universe. The voice was solemn as if it could command all living things and control everyone's life and death!

"No matter who you are, just go to hell!"


Suddenly, a beam of soft light flashed from the crack in the dome.

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