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   Chapter 2094 Explosion

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As soon as the Soul-eater flew upwards, Zen's gaze followed it. In a flash he disappeared from where he stood.

The next moment, he appeared right above the Soul-eater. He twisted his body in an astonishing way and rammed his elbow into the monster's head.


The elbow struck with a dull sound. The amount of energy Zen put did not have much impact.

But despite the blunt blow, the Soul-eater started rapidly descending.

"Aargh! The pain! What did you do?"

Physically, the Soul-eater did not seem to have suffered any heavy injuries, and the top of its head was not at all damaged in the least. But it seemed to be in enormous pain. The faint green light in its eyes grew brighter by the minute, and its entire body started expanding once again. Its incomparably vicious aura began to spread out in all directions, causing the hearts of all the living beings within a radius of ten million miles to sink.

However, despite this sight, Zen hardly felt any trace of fear. His body vanished and appeared below the Soul-eater, which was now looming like a giant mountain. In front of this monstrous being, Zen looked like a tiny sparrow.

But the tiny sparrow launched a ferocious attack on the behemoth beast, forcefully lifting it up. At the same time, one could hear the painful roar of the Soul-eater.

Zen's blow was so enormous that every attack had a painful effect on the Soul-eater. And with each pain, the monster increased in size. So by now, the Soul-eater had become like a giant ball that Zen kept kicking.

The Supreme Lords of both sides looked at Zen, their facial expressions filled with mixed emotions. They couldn't believe their eyes at the sight they were witnessing.

"How in the world does he manage to do this?"

"Has Zen actually condensed the Godly Tile and become a True God?"

"That long-haired man is an extremely powerful True God, but he isn't a match for the Soul-eater. Even if Zen has condensed the Godly Tile, he can't really fight against that monster!"

The Supreme Lords whispered amongst themselves. Zen's performance was definitely a good news for the Evolutionary Universe. However, this scene was simply too shocking. Even Supreme Lord of Oracle and the others found it hard to accept.

"No, he hasn't condensed the Godly Tile," Master Feng said, shaking his head in denial. "His Lotus Flower hasn't fully bloomed for him to become a complete Godly Genius."

As the controller of the Evolution Lotus Flower, Master Feng was very clear on the degree of blooming of every martial artist in the universe, and the Lotus Flowers of the ten Godly Geniuses were his top priorities. After returning from the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, barring Zen, all the Godly Geniuses' Lotus Flowers had bloomed in immediate succession. But this did not deter Zen's

the Soul-eater exploded as the center, hundreds of supreme worlds around were completely destroyed. Countless living beings were instantly turned into dust.

The only ones to survive the explosion were the Supreme Lords from the Evolutionary Universe as well as from the Sacred race. If one were to look down from above, he or she would be able to see that the densely-packed supreme worlds were neatly arranged together like discs. But now the image was scarred with a huge hole in the Thoughtless Minds, which was caused by the explosion of the Soul-eater.

"It's definitely over," Supreme Lord of Oracle muttered.

Although there were still over a dozen Supreme Lords and the Grand Supreme Lord of the Sacred race in front of her, the disparity in strength was too great. There was no longer any powerhouse left for the Murphy Universe to fight.

Master Feng, Supreme Lord of Original Sin, Supreme Lord Mathias, Supreme Lord Amritpal, and the others looked on with an expression of gratitude.

They once lost all hope of winning this war. Hence they were immensely grateful and relieved to win this war in such a manner. They could proudly admit that it was all because of Zen's bravery. So much so that the efforts of the Supreme Lords were almost insignificant.

The Grand Supreme Lord of the Sacred race looked completely shocked at the spectacle that unfolded in front of him.

He was the highest ranking Supreme Lord in the Sacred race, and also the possessor of the Heavens-suppressing Object. In the Murphy Universe, he even had the ability to communicate with Murphy, who was the creator. The entire universe was the sole creation of Murphy, including the Grand Supreme Lord.

He never thought that Murphy and the Sacred race would fail so miserably! However, now that the situation had developed to this point, the chances they had vanished into thin air.

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