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   Chapter 2093 Possessed

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The menacing Soul-eater was approaching.

It was massive, around the size of a mountain, and although it did not use Grand Teleportation, it still managed to cross several supreme worlds in just one minute.

"It's coming!"

"Supreme Lord Lester, you have to go now!"

"Let me block it..."

If Blayd was unable to defeat this monster, then what more the other Supreme Lords could do? They knew they couldn't possibly win this fight but they couldn't just revert into meek lambs who waited to be slaughtered by the wolf. They were Supreme Lords and they would fight this monster to the death if need be.

At that moment, Zen raised his head and stared up at the sky. "You... are you still not going to make your move?"

His words stunned Master Feng, along with the other Supreme Lords. They all looked at him with strange expressions.

"Zen, who are you talking to?"

"Do you know someone who can help us?"

"Is that person more powerful than that long-haired man?"

The Supreme Lords began to ask in earnest.

Seeing that Zen wasn't that nervous from the start, Supreme Lord of Oracle figured that the young man might have some tricks up his sleeve, and he seemed very confident in his trump card.

Zen chose not to directly answer their questions but there was a faint smile on his face as he looked at the Sacred Supreme Lords on the other side.

The blue-clothed woman was enslaved by him but he still respected her. If she wasn't willing to appear right now, she might have her reasons. He could only ask her.

"Hooo... hooo..."

The blast of the wind was deafening as the Soul-eater continued passing through several more supreme worlds. It was now only a few million miles away now. It would only take it a split second to cross this distance with its fast travelling speed.

The Sacred Supreme Lords were naturally overjoyed. If the Soul-eater managed to kill all these Supreme Lords in one go then that would save them a great deal of effort in truly conquering the Evolutionary Universe. After all, the Sacred race had lost so many Supreme Lords on their side and if they acted rashly now, they were afraid that they would lose more.

However, at that moment, a pillar of blazing light appeared in front of Zen. From the space crack emerged a burly figure.

"Blayd? No. You're too injured... You don't have to fight!" Zen told him. He had thought that it was the blue-clothed woman that was going to make her move.

Blayd's body was currently bathed in blood. After that slap from the Soul-eater, his body was worse for wear: he had broken bones and muscles all over his body,


"What should we do now? Should we go to help him?" Supreme Lord of Oracle did not care why Zen was suddenly behaving like this, all she cared about was his safety.

Master Feng frowned as the Evolution Lotus Flower spun above his head. "Let us watch what will happen first. Zen would never act so rashly. He might be planning something."

Meanwhile, Blayd was already brimming with fighting intent and was ready to unleash his Six-Five Fist. Zen's sudden appearance suddenly threw him off. "What are you doing here?"

Zen merely smiled at him and Blayd couldn't help but feel something strange with that smile. "Step back," Zen told him.

The tone and the expression on Zen's face confused Blayd greatly. He knew that the voice was Zen's but it was definitely another person. Why did he feel as if the young man's manner resembled that of the blue-clothed woman?

Thinking quickly, Blayd finally realized what just happened. Just as he was about to speak, Zen had already placed his hand on his shoulder. An intense mysterious aura hit Blayd on the face as Zen made a strange gesture by pressing the tips of his thumb and forefinger together while keeping the other three fingers raised. The young man then lightly brushed against Blayd's shoulder with his fingers.

Blayd suddenly felt himself shooting backwards before smashing into the supreme world where the Supreme Lords of the Evolutionary Universe were staying.

Just as Zen pushed Blayd away, the Soul-eater burst forth and suddenly charged towards him. Zen quickly turned and brushed his hand upwards towards the monster. As his fingers lightly brushed his opponent, Zen was able to skillfully change the Soul-eater's direction and made it charge up into the sky!

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