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   Chapter 2092 Grand Fighting Technique

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"It really is the Soul-eater Summoning Method!"

"Anyone who uses this evil magic will never be reincarnated. They'll be tormented for all eternity!"

"Murphy's crazy for teaching his disciple that horrid magic!"

The Soul-eater Summoning Method was a dark and pernicious martial art.

This magic allowed a warrior to summon a Soul-eater at the price of their soul.

It was an irreversible contract that subjected a person's soul to eternal torment.

As its name implied, Soul-eaters devoured and inflicted pain on the summoner's soul in order to gain energy. The more pain inflicted, the more power the Soul-eater got.

In the past divine eras, when the True Gods realized the danger and consequences that came with the Soul-eater Summoning Method, they had forbidden the practice and spread of the art in the whole divine land.

And as time passed, the number of True Gods that knew about the Soul-eater Summoning Method became less and less.

No Holy Being ever imagined that Murphy would pass on the Soul-eater Summoning Method to his disciple.

As soon as the golden threads had completely devoured Mateo, a Soul-eater had immediately formed. Its body morphed into weird shapes until it grew a potbelly and a double chin. With a fiendish aura and a heavy black mist shrouding its body, it resembled a fat evil Buddha.

And as if that wasn't creepy enough, its face was scarily similar to Mateo's. "So painful..."

It groaned brokenly, voice as rough as sandpaper. Mateo's soul was fully absorbed by the Soul-eater.

Its beady black eyes stared at Blayd intently for a few seconds before it suddenly twisted its enormous body and pounced at Blayd.


Blayd dodged just in time. As he jumped backward to avoid the attack, he had managed to throw a punch at the space in front of him, destroying the area and releasing a strong counterforce that accelerated his retreat.

Unfortunately, the Soul-eater was even faster. Seeing Blayd move to a distance, the Soul-eater flash-stepped and instantly caught up with him. Like two giant mallets, its two hands slammed down on Blay

Blayd flying backwards, through a supreme world, and into the Lower World, disappearing from everyone's sights.


Having lost its opponent, the Soul-eater turned its big head and looked to where Zen was standing.

Even with his soul devoured and unconscious, Mateo's hatred was alive and burning. His eyes gleamed with malice. There was no one he hated more than Zen.

He had put in blood, sweat, and tears to kill Wynn. But just when he was about to help his master win the universal war, Zen and Blayd had to appear and ruin everything, leaving him no choice but to use the Soul-eater Summoning Method. Now he had to endure an eternity of pain!

With his present visual acuity, Zen was unable to see beyond several supreme worlds. However, he knew from Blayd's weakening fighting intent that he had already lost the fight. Meanwhile, the Soul-eater's gaze had caused a cold sinister feeling to wash over him.

This was bad. Seeing that things weren't going in their favor, Master Feng summoned the Evolution Lotus Flower. They weren't just going to sit and wait for death. They'd do whatever was necessary in order to stay alive.

On the other hand, the Sacred Supreme Lords wore proud smiles. They never imagined Mateo had it in him to turn the situation around to their favor.

They could only imagine the lengths Mateo had to go through in order to give them their victory.

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