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   Chapter 2091 Soul-eater Summoning Method

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Accompanied by the muffled sound, Mateo collided into the ground after being punched powerfully by Blayd.

Then, a crack appeared across the earth, revealing a gaping hole.

"These Waves Devouring Worms are able to devour most of my fighting intent. They possess a pretty good set of abilities. Raising these small worms within your body would probably be a very difficult task," Blayd lightly said. "What a pity... It's still far from enough!"

Right after he finished speaking, Blayd chased after Mateo viciously. A series of muffled explosions then arose left and right. For a moment, the fighting intent filled the area and the black light seemed blinding. The Dream Sound World was only a narrow battle ring to the two True Gods. This broken battle ring was collapsing quickly.

Zen didn't seem interested in the fight as he walked towards Supreme Lord of Original Sin. He then handed over a space ring to him.

Supreme Lord of Original Sin greeted Zen with gratitude upon receiving the space ring in his palm.

He gave Zen a light nod and they simultaneously turned their heads to look at the other side. Apparently, Supreme Lord Lester was standing right behind them the entire time.

Supreme Lord Lester's Heavenly Destiny of Revival was very significant and precious. This led him to never participate in a battle. He was even able to revive the Supreme Lords who had just lost their lives.

Since the beginning of the chaotic war, he saved the lives of seven Supreme Lords with just his miraculous Heavenly Destiny of Revival.

On the other hand, the space ring that Zen had given to Supreme Lord of Original Sin was keeping Maha's Silver Moon Wolves. These were the wolves Zen had previously killed as he saw them feasting on Nathan's corpse.

Zen made it a point to store the wolves as much as he could, because they would have Nathan's parts in them. He stored the fragments of the wolves and Nathan into the space ring, and hoped that Nathan was lucky enough to be revived by Supreme Lord Lester.

Margaret's corpse was also placed strategically into another space ring. However, her body was completely preserved in comparison to Nathan. With the Heavenly Destiny of Revival's power, it would be simple enough to revive her. They knew that reviving Margaret was not going to be too difficult, but Zen couldn't help but worry.

As the battle between the two True Gods went on, the Sacred Supreme Lords didn't intend to take action. They already knew that joining the battle wouldn't benefit the situation in any way. Looking at it critically, they'd have to deal with Master Feng, Supreme Lord of Original Sin, Supreme Lord of Oracle, many mid-rank Supreme Lords and low-rank Supreme Lords of the Evolutionary Universe if they made a move.

All of the Supreme Lords, from both sides, understood this. It would be useless to take action.

This was where Zen decided to take advantage of the situation. He'd hop

ords only seemed to care about the battle of the True Gods, so they shifted their attention towards that.

In comparison to Marko and Pranav, Mateo proved to be a lot stronger. To endure that for so long while injured was something people wouldn't even attempt to do.

However, at this point, he was like a spent arrow. The Supreme Lords, Blayd and Mateo all knew this.

When Mateo was eventually tested to his limits, the two streams of black tears finally stopped flowing from his eyes.

"Are you giving up?" Blayd asked lightly.

This was a tough question mostly because Mateo's self-esteem was extremely high. His skill and perseverance were outstanding, so he had never been put in a situation where someone had to ask him if he would give up. Besides, this wasn't any ordinary battle. He was determined to win.

At this moment, a hint of anger appeared across face as he stared at Blayd. "I have never known what it felt like to give up," he said. "And I'm not starting now."

As he finished, he suddenly smacked his forehead with a heavy hand. Just then, a strange silhouette began to develop above his forehead, intricately formed with golden lines. Eventually, this formation developed into a strange, humanoid creature coming out of his forehead.

This human-like being grabbed Mateo and stuffed him into its mouth, all in one go.

Seeing this, Blayd retreated immediately in fear.

A chuckle echoed through the mist of the divine land. "Murphy, your disciple really isn't good. Although Blayd has been missing for so many years, his cultivation has been improved by a great deal. This, this surprises me." The laugh just lasted for only a short while, but it was obvious that the Holy Being who had spoken had seen the strange change in Mateo. His usual composed voice also became firm as he said, "Murphy, you have even imparted such a vicious cultivation method, such as the Soul-eater Summoning Method, to your disciple! Are you crazy?"

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