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   Chapter 2090 The Unexpected Image

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Wynn hadn't perished completely.

A True God's soul was particularly tough—even if one was beheaded, they could still think up a way to reconstruct their body.

But it was a lengthy process. Reconstructing the body and cinnabar field was equal to cultivating all over again.

The eyes on Wynn's head suddenly shot open and looked up at Master Feng and the group of Supreme Lords on the other side. The originally star-like bright eyes were now completely devoid of any light.

To fight against the Sacred race, Wynn had led the Celestial Position in planning countless years, only to end up with awful results.

When Murphy changed the rules in a snap, everyone's hard work and effort turned into nothing.

Anyone facing such a blow would naturally lose all confidence and Wynn was no exception.

"You have nothing else to say, do you? Haha! Then go to hell!"

Mateo grinned viciously. Suddenly, he pulled up Wynn's gray hair and threw the head away. Forming a fist with one hand, he got ready to smash his head apart in a single punch...

Wynn's head spiraled continuously in the sky. The starry sky, the earth, and the mountains seemed to be rolling images in his eyes as he was thrown.

Although he looked like a man of old age, he was still relatively young among the True Gods. While lurking in the Evolutionary Universe, he was under his master's protection at all times.

In his life's final moment, time had slowed immeasurably and the entire Evolutionary Universe left him with a nostalgic heart.

"Master... I failed..." Wynn muttered weakly.

As his head circled in the air, a sudden blaze of white light appeared close by. Because his head was spinning quickly, the scene was a blur.

But after his head spun for another circle, he suddenly saw an unexpected image.

Zen, Lavender, and Supreme Lord of Oracle walked out from the crack in space. And in the end, he also saw a long-haired man exuding an extraordinary aura.

'Who is that long-haired man?'

Master Feng thought in wonder.

When Wynn's head started spinning again, he felt a sudden wave of power grabbing onto it before it was thrown away again. Now with a faster rotation, it was difficult for Wynn to see what was happening around him.

In an instant, his head was caught and he could see that Supreme Lord of Oracle was beside him, shooting him a wink.

"Wynn, it's over..." Zen voiced from behind him.

"It's over? What's over?" Finding his bearings again, he realized that it was Zen who c

nn's head to Master Feng. Then, he turned to Blayd and gave the order. "Go ahead."

"Ha!" Blayd's laughter resounded as a blazing light burst from beneath his feet, and then he pounced towards Mateo without hesitation.


The battle between the True Gods began.

When Mateo battled Wynn, he had already consumed over half of his life vitality because Wynn launched the Star Tribulation Wave, injuring him severely.

But even in his best condition, Mateo was no match for Blayd. Given the difference in their strength, it was unlikely that Mateo even had a shot at winning this fight.

So the moment the fight began, Mateo threw attacks continuously as he retreated, facing Blayd's formidable attacks. He barely had any strength to fight back.

Up on the cliff, Zen didn't even bother looking back.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Lords of the Sacred race and the Evolutionary Universe had mixed feelings of hope and worry. The people of the Evolutionary Universe thought that Mateo could have other trump cards to use against Blayd. And the Sacred Supreme Lords hoped that Murphy would protect Mateo long enough for him to turn the tide.

But Zen's behavior made it clear that Blayd wasn't his only way to deal with Mateo if he managed to win the fight.

At the very least, he still had the mysterious woman in blue by his side.

While Zen couldn't clearly see through the strength of these True Gods, Master Evil and Wayne were definitely stronger than Blayd and the woman in blue seemed to be even more powerful than the former.

The Sacred race had no way to turn the situation around other than Murphy coming down to join the battle himself.

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