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   Chapter 2089 Wynn's Head

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Wind ruffled through Zen's matted hair as he raised his head to look at the sky. Another giant star had exploded in the inky sky.

The star released a blinding light that covered the entire sky the moment it had exploded. The vast expanse of light caught everyone's attention, but they risked getting blind if they had stared too long.

Once the bright light had dissipated, a dot of star light quickly fell and flew across the sky at an incredible speed, and plummeted towards the Dream Sound World of the Thoughtless Minds.

"Wynn!" Zen raised his eyebrows.

Meanwhile in the Dream Sound World, the other two Supreme Lords, namely Master Feng and the Grand Supreme Lord of the Sacred race were in the midst of a fierce battle.

The situation was quite odd--the more the Evolutionary Universe was at a disadvantage, the more powerful Master Feng's Evolution Lotus Flower became. At that moment, Lotus Flowers bloomed continuously in the whole Dream Sound World. They bloomed everywhere from the rocks, the mountaintops, the plains, city walls, and even the pots and stoves and the cyan tiles in the mortals' homes.

Soon enough, the whole Dream Sound World was like a sea of Lotus Flowers.

The Sacred Grand Supreme Lord's spinulose wood fern had taken root within the Dream Sound World. Its web of roots continued to spread, and so did the tree itself until it had formed a large, lush forest.

While Master Feng absolutely had the upper hand against the Sacred Grand Supreme Lord, he could not defeat him in such a short period of time. After all, as long as the Sacred race's momentum existed, the Sacred Grand Supreme Lord wouldn't be defeated.

Therefore, the constant confrontation of the two caused the whole Dream Sound World to be plummeted into chaos.

However, the two strongest Supreme Lords in the two universes stopped fighting when the comet-like light fell from the sky.

Master Feng's face darkened as he saw the scene and said, "Wynn..."

"Haha, the outcome of the war has already been decided. I'm afraid there is no meaning to our fight anymore!" the Sacred Grand Supreme Lord laughed.

And so, the war between the two universes and the fights between the Supreme Lords had lost all their meanings. After all, the most important thing was still the battle between the True Gods. Since Wynn had already been defeated, then the victory would be on the side of the Sacred race.

"All Sacred Supreme Lords, return to my side!" the Sacred Grand Supreme Lord declared through a Roaring Token.

Just then, all the fighting between the Supreme Lords of the two universes had stopped as well. Suddenly, demonic red space cracks appeared behind the Sacred Grand Supreme Lord and a total of thirteen Sacred Supreme Lords emerged from them.

The previously rejoicing Grand Sacred Supreme Lord was now appalled to see that only thirteen Supreme Lords survived.

All in all, they

eo had felt that the situation was very tricky.

In the latter part of their battle, Wynn had lured Mateo straight into the star maze that he had set up beforehand. After that, he detonated the inner world in his body and launched a desperate attack, known as the "Star Tribulation Wave".

In turn, Mateo had used the Wheel Swirl technique in that critical moment to guard his own body and stood the "Star Tribulation Wave" by force. Therefore, he had ended up with numerous injuries.


A splitting sound was heard when Mateo loosely grabbed at the air and the ball of light landed in his hand.

"No, stop!"

A sharp gust of wind blew as Master Feng appeared beside the ball of light in a flash, in an attempt to snatch the ball of light from Mateo.

"Who do you think you are? Get out of here!"

Mateo was furious at the sudden intrusion and threw a punch. Master Feng felt as if he had been struck by lighting and a fist imprint appeared on his chest. He fell backwards like a kite with its string suddenly cut, then collided into the edge of the broken supreme world and shattered a mountain range in the process.

When the other Supreme Lords who originally planned to wait for a chance to take action saw the scene, they gave up their ideas. The gap between them and Mateo was far too big.

The ball of light finally ended up in Mateo's hands, and his lips curled into a sinister smile. He gently pinched the surface of the ball of light, which shattered like an eggshell. His hands grabbed Wynn's decapitated head and lifted it up for all of them to see.

"Hahaha! I didn't expect you to be so troublesome, to the point that I had to use my Wheel Swirl technique! You old fellow, how do you feel right now? Would you like to share it with the followers of your master?" Once the words died on Mateo's mouth, he turned Wynn's head to the side and made it face the Supreme Lords of the Evolutionary Universe.

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