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   Chapter 2088 Infinite (Part Two)

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Dozens of supreme worlds were already torn apart while countless creatures had also died. The smell of blood and corpses decorated the battlefield.

A lot of creatures, even innocent ones, were murdered in the war. The deaths included mortals from thousands of kingdoms up to emperors who had just ascended to the throne. Innocent lives like women who were just about to give birth and infants who had not even opened their eyes to look at the world were also lost. Even scholars who had only participated in the imperial examinations were also trapped and at death's door.

Many martial artists paid attention to the war in the universe. But, many of the ordinary mortals still focused on their own lives. Even after they sighed over the strange phenomenon that occurred in the heavens and earth, they could only suffer in silence. They didn't want the war, and yet, their lives were still forfeited.

The innocent creatures didn't know whether the supreme world where they stayed would be torn or not. Even if they knew the situation, they could not do anything about it. After all, it would be tough for them to leave a supreme world no matter how hard they tried. They were like ants on a large ship. Even if they knew that this ship would sink, they wouldn't be able to escape to another ship. Despair enveloped them as they remained crippled by their powerlessness.

What was the point of their lives? How could weak and pathetic creatures like them continue to live in such a war-torn place?

As the lowest-level secondary creatures, these mortals also pursued beautiful things. They wanted to thrive and be able to find love and a family.

They pursued more beautiful women, more b

could find the blood-soaked stone would be able to obtain the inheritance of that True God. It became a hunted treasure for warriors who wanted to strengthen themselves quickly. Thus countless warriors went there to dig and look for that stone, which made the entire plain full of bumps and hollows.

As such, the plain was called the "God Slaying Plain".

"How could you be so powerful? What kind of comprehension have you gained?" Lavender asked as she floated nearby Zen. Her slender body curled up and leaned against Zen's shoulder while she stared at him with a crooked face. Curiosity and a hint of fear were reflected in her eyes. Zen had been in a daze for a long time just then. Additionally, Zen's behavior was extremely abnormal. Lavender was afraid that he would spiral into madness.

"I'm fine." Zen took a deep breath and raised his head to look at the sky. Afterward, he tightened his grip on the Great Weighty Sword. "There's only one more left…"

After he murdered Pranav, Zen had finally realized his wish. At that moment, the power generated by the Wishing Spell had quickly disappeared from Zen's body.

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