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   Chapter 2087 Infinite (Part One)

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Due to the unexpected occurrence of the event, Pranav became confused. He suffered three punches as he didn't have the time to analyze the situation. Bewilderment was apparent in his expression.

As he heard Blayd's remarks, Pranav's befuddlement grew even worse!

Suddenly, Zen appeared next to Blayd. Pranav's expression became stiff.

"You!" Pranav's eyes flashed. Hatred was reflected in his eyes as he stared at Zen.

Pranav had been planning to search for Zen meticulously, after he murdered all of those Supreme Lords. He was determined to find Zen, no matter the cost.

The Evolutionary Universe was vast. However, with Pranav's cultivation base, he knew that there was nowhere for Zen to hide.

Never would he have thought that the guy would actually show up and invite such a powerful expert. Pranav couldn't believe the situation he was in.

Just then, Pranav still wondered why Blayd only used sixty percent of his strength in his three punches instead of his maximum power to kill Pranav. Pranav was aware that the third punch of Blayd would be able to kill him. When he finally saw Zen, Pranav immediately understood that Zen had once employed a Wishing Spell towards him. The reason why Blayd did not kill him was just to make Zen fulfill the Wishing Spell.

Zen slowly walked towards Pranav with the Great Weighty Sword in his hand. Coldness was apparent in Zen's eyes. When he arrived in front of Pranav, Zen gently held the Great Weighty Sword horizontally and pressed it against Pranav's neck.

With the help of the Wishing Spell, Zen felt that his power had almost doubled. That was the advantage brought by the Wishing Spell, but the drawbacks were obvious. If Zen did not kill Pranav personally, his cultivation base would be permanently stagnated. Moreover, there was no way to break that curse, and Zen


Even though it was just a provocation, it was not easy for Zen to answer Pranav's question.

From the very start, Zen had always struggled just because of his sister. He had survived all sorts of difficult situations just to get her back to his side. However, he finally realized that his father had personally arranged every predicament and danger for him...

It had been a long time ever since he thought for a purpose about why he worked so hard to improve and to advance his cultivation...

Pranav said such provocative words so that he could disturb Zen's state of mind and stall for time. If Mateo were to appear here, he would still have a sliver of a chance to survive. Naturally, he would not give up. He also felt pleased as he saw that Zen was stunned after he delivered his provocations.

Actually, for Zen, Pranav had asked a critical question. The query Pranav gave was related to the purpose of Zen's life.

"Boom, boom, boom…"

Thunderous sounds of explosions could be heard from far away. The large balls of light exploded as the Supreme Lords continued their deadly battles. Even without the Roaring Token, the energy fluctuations and sounds of explosions could still spread very far away.

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