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   Chapter 2086 The Battle

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The Soul Searching Flag had once been Murphy's most precious treasure. However, after he became a Holy Being, this sort of treasure was of no value to him. Therefore, he passed it on to his favorite disciples.

The Soul Searching Flag had passed through several pairs of hands before it had reached Marko's.

Not only could the flag capture souls, but it could also imprison them within and constantly refine them. In time, the souls would be enslaved. Besides all of this, the flag could also amplify the perception.

Once Blayd had erased the soul mark on the flag, Zen was finally able to easily hold it in his hand.

The flag was a soul-related supreme primordial weapon, and was highly valuable to Zen. After expressing his thanks, he stored it safely in his space ring.

At that moment, an awesome roar could be heard resounding from the mist in the depths of the divine land.

"Woodruff Zhan! Why did a member of your War God Hall appear in the Evolutionary Universe? And he actually killed my beloved disciple! Get him to leave at once!"

Naturally, the one who had been roaring was Murphy.

In his eyes, the defeat of the Evolutionary Universe was already an established fact.

He wasn't the only one who thought like that. The Holy Beings in the Hall of Holy Beings had also come to the same conclusion. The living beings in the Evolutionary Universe were clinging to life with their last breaths. They had no chance of survival unless Mike could come back to life overnight and save the Evolutionary Universe.

While the Holy Beings were silently watching the war in the universe unfold, another True God had suddenly appeared.

The moment Blayd appeared, the Holy Beings knew instantly where he came from. The person who suddenly appeared had to be from the War God Hall. The War God Hall was one of the several great powers within the divine land. Moreover, three Holy Beings from the War God Hall had joined the Hall of Holy Beings. In strength, they far exceeded Murphy.

"Hahaha!" A hearty laugh rang from the clouds. "Blayd is alive!" A hint of ecstasy could be detected in the voice.

"Woodruff, I require an explanation from you. What do you mean?" Murphy's voice turned cold.

"An explanation? Murphy, you altered the rules written on the stone slab, which is entirely unacceptable. You know that the reason that we set up the Hall of Holy Beings is to restrain each other, so that we can follow the rules. Did my clansman break the rules by entering the Evolutionary Universe?" Woodruff laughed without humor.

"Of course not. According to the rules set out on the stone slab, the Evolutionary Universe is permitted to send three True Gods," the voice of Holy Jay replied.

"If so, why should Blayd retreat? Just because of your words? Or because your head is larger than mine? Hahahaha!" Once again Woodruff laughed maniacally.

The people of the War God Hall had always acted with arrogance, and Woodruff was the leader

ad halberd into the head of the Ancestral Dragon.

But just as the halberd was about to touch the Ancestral Dragon's head, a bronze fist, larger in size than Pranav's head, suddenly appeared in front of him. With this bronze colored fist coming at him, he no longer had sufficient time to kill the Ancestral Dragon. He instinctively placed the ghost-head halberd horizontally in front of him.


With the impact of the first punch, his ghost-head halberd had been bent from the middle.

Seeing that his supreme primordial weapon had suffered such damage from a single punch, he felt a chill growing in his heart.


Almost immediately, the second punch landed on the ghost-head halberd.

With this blow, the halberd became even more bent.


When the third punch smashed down, the halberd broke apart, and that massive fist smashed into Pranav's chest.


These three punches seemed insignificant, but they contained an unimaginable power. Pranav spat out blood, and his whole body flew backwards, leaving a long, thin line of blood trailing behind it.

Despite the impact, he wasn't dead. He was sure that these three punches could have killed him. It was just that their strength had weakened at the last moment. The attacker must have deliberately suppressed it.

Now he was facing a very strong enemy, but it seemed like his enemy intended to spare his life. What was his purpose?

His mind spun rapidly as he came to this conclusion. He then looked up and saw a tall, sturdy man with disheveled hair standing close by. The three punches from before had been given to him by this long-haired man.

"Alright, that guy is dying. Go and make your wish come true," Blayd said calmly.

In order to fight against Pranav, Zen had in the past resorted to the Great Wishing Spell. He might not be a match for Pranav, but he would still be able to fulfill his promise with someone else's help, as long as he personally killed Pranav.

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